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Anqing municipal supervision of safe production and civilized construction and construction dust control – Anhui Channel – this year, Municipal Construction Committee for the civilization construction and building dust prevention and control of production safety, carry out inspection 32 times, issued a rectification notice 61, shut down 12 copies of the rectification notice. The next step will be for the urban civilization construction site to carry out inspection and evaluation, the implementation of supervision assessment of the problems found in the inspection. Municipal Construction Committee for the safe production and civilized construction and construction dust control to carry out a comprehensive inspection 22 times, 6 times, in the focus of the inspection of atmospheric inspection 4 times, established filing, inspection, assessment, reporting a series of system. Issued a total of 61 rectification notice, suspension rectification notice of 12 copies of bad behavior records of construction enterprises in charge of the construction of the company, the supervision of enterprises, the 15 individuals, only on the construction of dust on the investigation and handling of the 12, the punishment in place from the 10 cases of the 11. Under the supervision of the overall level of civilization construction has been greatly improved, the city created a provincial standard chemical 6, the other 17 sites through the creation of municipal standardization site preliminary acceptance. The more than and 120 part of the existing urban construction site civilization construction management still exist some problems, including throwing high-altitude construction waste caused by dust pollution; pollution vehicles in mud road pavement; the construction of enclosure is not standardized, not beautiful, advertisement is not up to the requirements, the enclosure is not timely, not closed, not convenient; excavation backfill soil long time exposed dumps, wind and rain will cause pollution; road construction and the washing hardening thickness is not enough, low strength, withstand truck rolling, forming a new source of pollution; drainage facilities and the construction site is unreasonable, resulting in stagnant water overflow pollution road. (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: