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Artificial intelligence has "a Jiazi" Tan Tieniu: China more adventurous – China News Agency, Beijing in August 26 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liang Xiaohui) from the 1956 concept is put forward to now, artificial intelligence has been a "Jiazi" time. The prospect of the future, vice president, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Academy of Sciences Chinese Chinese artificial intelligence society Long Tan Tieniu 26 in Beijing said that the future society must be human coexistence, human-computer collaboration, human-machine cooperative society. In the field of artificial intelligence, China should be more strategic thinking and adventurous spirit. In 2016 Chinese artificial intelligence conference opening day in Beijing, on the sidelines of the conference in an interview, Tan Tieniu artificial intelligence development, China future prospects and problems on its own. "Artificial intelligence concern, Tan Tieniu said, this year just unfolding" "playing chess" more drama for artificial intelligence attention, imagination and worry coexist "". The imagination is that artificial intelligence will be the extent to facilitate human life. Tan Tieniu depicts a scene: in the future work, you may not have to tangle too many repeated affairs, because your colleagues may be a robot to help you with some chores, "is your good assistant and partner". Worry is more obvious. As many science fiction movies show, will humans be enslaved by artificial intelligence and robotics? Tan Tieniu think not. Artificial intelligence can not replace human intelligence, it will only help people to do some useful things." He said that the robot as a carrier of artificial intelligence, will only become a good helper. However, he pointed out that high technology is also a double-edged sword, artificial intelligence and the possible impact of the robot must be highly concerned about the social. "But in the future, human-computer interaction, human computer interaction, human-computer cooperation, this must be the norm." He said that many countries are moving towards such a normal pave the way, from the perspective of national strategic planning, artificial intelligence as the core research point. Artificial intelligence has also become a global boom. "Because this is consistent with the trend of the development of the whole society," said Tan Tieniu. China follows the trend. From the "2025 China manufacturing" to "Internet plus" action plan "and" 13th Five-Year "National Science and technology innovation plan", regarded as the core content of artificial intelligence. "Is planning for the 2030 major scientific and technological projects and projects, but also taking into account the development of artificial intelligence research," said Tan Tieniu. He believes that "the development of artificial intelligence China achievements remarkable". On the one hand, China has formed a considerable scale R & D team. On the other hand, some of the technology has been in the forefront of the world, such as in the speech technology, biometrics, "at least with the developed countries and run". However, in large artificial intelligence applications, large-scale artificial intelligence platform, as well as data support, etc., China also has a big gap with the developed countries, the need to increase R & D investment. Therefore, there is a great prospect of artificial intelligence in china." Tan Tieniu said that the future also need "national"相关的主题文章: