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As to the adoption of a 72 year old girl 13 years of lessons taught math – public channel in September 25th, 72 year old Yang Sulian at home in the evening self-study mathematics, Qian Qian after returning home, she will call granddaughter makeup. Yang Sulian Qianqian take back the papers at home in. Yang Sulian looked up in the dictionary with a magnifying glass. 72 year old Yang Sulian every day like a primary school students, sitting at the table to learn. 26 afternoon, the weather is fine, near the Wuhou Temple, Chengdu, a district, Yang Sulian, aged 72, is teaching junior high school mathematics. Corresponding, the sum of 180 alternate angles equal degrees of interior angles on the same side and how to count? "Don’t understand." Yang Sulian frowned and closed his granddaughter’s math exam. "Show!" The wooden chair rubbed the ground to make a harsh sound, she moved the chair to get the information on the living room bookshelf, by the way to take a magnifying glass, the book is too vague." At the moment she suddenly stood up, "sit down, sit 3 hours, joint pain." She rolled up his trousers, with wrinkled hands slowly rubbing his knees. From the beginning of last year, "granddaughter" Qianqian junior high school, in order to Qian Qian makeup, Yang Sulian also started learning mathematics in junior middle school. In their account of this, the relationship between Yang Sulian and Qian Qian headed to write two words: support. People hold the indissoluble bound to hold a baby granddaughter 26 PM, in Chengdu rented house, while Yang Sulian and reporters chat, he made a pot of tea, tea is one of the students sent yesterday. "Good taste," she duanqichabei sip a mouthful, slowly chatted about Qian qian. Yang Sulian clearly remember that day is July 7, 2003. At 4 pm, she retired at the door, home Dazhou Tongchuan District Hospital, met an acquaintance. Two people are chatting, a strange old lady holding a baby girl came up, trouble to help me hold my granddaughter, I went to the toilet on the out." Hospital door next to the toilet, Yang Sulian did not want to take over the sleeping child. Left and right, etc., the old lady has not come out, she ran into the toilet to see, people have disappeared. In the baby’s infant, Yang Sulian found a note, top write: "little girls at 12 am on May 27, 2003, I graduated from university to work in Shenzhen, met a man in Taiwan, was very good to me, so there is a little girl. Later, the man was gone because of things, I can not find him, I can not live in order to raise children, please be sure to raise good hearted people." Now, a copy of this piece of paper was locked in the cabinet, Yang Sulian, she handed over to the civil affairs department. The reporter saw, this copy has yellow, the inscription askew. She retired with a good salary to cure the child’s illness hovering in place for a long time, Yang Sulian dialed the alarm call, the police arrived, the baby girl was sent to the orphanage. "The child has a lot of bags on top of his head." Yang Sulian said, the night the baby cried all night, the ventilation constantly, the doctor said, in order to cure the child, at least ten thousand yuan. Later, Yang Sulian found a note in the children in infancy, the above report相关的主题文章: