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Listed companies in August 31st evening bulletin courier Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock Jiepan election Niugu tournament Sina Finance News August 31st news, Wednesday evening, more than two listed companies, announced the news, the following summary: Jiang motor: Japanese capital lithium ion battery company jiangte motor and Japan Oak Corporation signed a "capital agreement": the affiliate company or the company intends to Oak Corporation to increase to about 5 million 900 thousand yuan, after the capital increase, the company or the company affiliates will account for 30% of the equity ratio of Oak corporation. Oak company is mainly engaged in the development and manufacture of lithium ion two battery Cell Pack, and the design of advanced lithium ion battery with independent intellectual property rights ·. Oubite: asset restructuring application approved by the resumption of the stock Chinese Commission mergers and acquisitions of Listed Companies in 2016 sixty-third committee meeting of the audit work, oubite issued shares and the payment of cash to buy assets and raise matching funds through unconditional matters. According to the relevant regulations, the company stock since September 1, 2016 opening date for the resumption of trading. HOMA: 260 million invested into the microfinance company HOMA and subsidiaries and two other companies jointly funded the establishment of Ningxia wallet payment service microfinance Ltd., registered capital of 300 million yuan, the company’s own funds invested 216 million yuan, accounting for 72% of the total registered capital. The establishment of small loan companies is conducive to further promote the company’s development strategy, but also to broaden the company’s business areas. Haibo A: secretaries and chief financial officer of the resignation of the Secretary of the board of directors of Hyperion and chief financial officer Mr. He Haiyan for personal reasons, resigned from the board of directors of the company secretary and chief financial officer, does not hold any position in the company. The resignation shall take effect from the date of service of the board of directors. Its direct holdings of 150000 shares of the company, according to regulations, within the next eighteen months from August 31, 2016 may not be transferred directly to the shares held by the company. Fung shaped shares: approved postdoctoral scientific research workstation Fung shares recently received notice of Anhui Provincial Department of human resources and social security, according to the notice, the company approved the establishment of post doctoral research workstation. The company approved the establishment of "postdoctoral workstation", is the company’s research and innovation level, implementing talent strategy work positive recognition, is conducive to training, attracting and using talents, promoting the combination. High Changchun: respiratory syncytial virus vaccine by British drug clinical trial license Changchun high-tech subsidiary of one hundred grams of biological shares of Mucosis company received the medicines and healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued by the SynGEM (respiratory syncytial virus vaccine clinical trials) permits, the main contents include the license issued since the date of clinical research carry out SynGEM license. Qinling Mountains cement: non-public offering of shares through the application of Qinling Mountains cement相关的主题文章: