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His wife died in a fire aapt.exe

His wife died in a fire burning rental housing or a mess. A replay of the event the night of September 10th this year, housing projections in a rented Youchen on fire. Yu Youchen’s daughter suffered misfortune on the spot, his wife was severely burned, sent to Dahua hospital rescue. But he died because he was seriously injured. The chief reporter Wan Heng Chun   newspaper reporter Zhang Yu with his wife and daughter of a home in Wafangdian City Wen Lan street Yu Youchen came to the edge of the cross sea bridge. "Look at the sea. This is the wish of her daughter.". At that time busy work, no time to bring her, now it is round the child’s wish……" Here, in Youchen leiruyuxia. During the hospitalization of Yu Youchen’s wife, many kind-hearted people in Dalian sent tens of thousands of donations, among which the most touching was a 83 year old old man who lived near the Tiger Beach. He poured a few cars and sent 2000 yuan. Yesterday, he looked for the good uncle near Tiger Beach, but no result. Yu Youchen wished to say thank you to all the enthusiastic people who helped him through the evening paper. Fire   daughter died   wife burns Yu Youchen told reporters that he was from Wafangdian City, his wife from Shandong, Dezhou. The couple do odd jobs in Wafangdian City, the 13 year old daughter just went to junior high school this year. In order not to affect the daughter’s study, the wife and daughter rented in a bungalow, he himself lived in a bungalow not far away. The cottage was damp and cold, afraid of her cold, still cold, his wife at home to burn Kang heating. More than 9 points on the evening of September 10th, the house rented Youchen and protruding fire. Until yesterday, the house remained a mess after the fire, burning wood and clothes everywhere. When the firemen arrived to extinguish the fire and save the daughter and wife of the official, the 13 year old daughter had been killed. And 40 year old wife Cui Haiyan was severely burned, and then she was quickly sent to Dalian Dahua hospital rescue. Yu Youchen said, because the economic condition is not good home, a lot of enthusiastic people sent old clothes, plus his wife to the property cleaning, collected some waste, piled in the house may cause fire when heating. During the treatment of   people help reporters learned from Dahua hospital, Cui Haiyan whole body 98% area deep three degrees burns, critically ill. After admission, they were sent to the ICU intensive care unit for treatment. Yu Youchen said, his wife in the ICU, the daily medical expenses are more than 15 thousand yuan, and most of their savings at home are placed in the room, with the fire on fire. "To tell you the truth, I have not know what to do. The baby is gone, and the mother has no money to save the baby……" Yu Youchen said. But this unfortunate father did not expect that his family’s experience was posted to the network by good hearted people, and soon some kind-hearted people came to the hospital and offered a helping hand to the family. "Only 12 days a day, there are enthusiastic people sent more than 20 thousand yuan donation!" Yu Youchen said. In addition, there are groups of love raising donations on the internet. But the love gathered together failed to defeat death. After 4 days of hospitalization, Cui Haiyan was still in trouble. 一场火灾导致妻女双亡 失火的租住房屋还是狼藉一片。   事件回放   今年9月10日晚上,于有臣一家租住的房屋突起大火。于有臣的女儿当场遭遇不幸,妻子则被严重烧伤,送到大化医院抢救。但因为伤势过重仍然不幸去世。   文 首席记者万恒 图 本报记者张瑜   带上女儿和妻子的遗照,家住瓦房店文兰街道的于有臣来到了跨海大桥边。“看看大海,这是女儿生前的愿望。那时候打工忙,没时间带她来,现在算是圆了孩子的心愿……”说到这里,于有臣泪如雨下。   于有臣妻子住院抢救期间,众多大连好心人送来了数万元捐款,其中最令人感动的是一位83岁家住老虎滩附近的老人,倒了几趟车送来了2000元。昨日他在老虎滩附近寻找这位好心大爷,但没有结果。于有臣希望,通过晚报对所有帮助过他的热心人说一声谢谢。   大火突起 女儿遇难 妻子烧伤   于有臣告诉记者,自己是瓦房店人,妻子来自山东德州。两口子在瓦房店市内打零工,13岁的女儿今年刚上初中。为了不影响女儿学习,妻子和女儿租住在一间平房里,他自己住在不远处的另一间平房。由于平房潮湿阴冷,怕女儿着凉,天还没大冷,妻子就在家里烧火炕取暖。   9月10日晚间9点多,于有臣妻女租住的屋子突起大火。直到昨日,屋内还保留着火灾后一片狼藉的模样,到处是烧焦的木头和衣物。等消防员赶到扑灭大火并救出于有臣的女儿和妻子时,13岁的女儿已经不幸遇难。而40岁的妻子崔海燕则被严重烧伤,随后她被迅速送到大连大化医院抢救。于有臣说,因为家里经济条件不好,挺多热心人送来了旧衣服,加上妻子给物业打扫卫生收集了一些废品,堆在屋内可能在点火取暖时引发了火灾。   救治期间 众人援手   记者从大化医院了解到,崔海燕全身98%面积深三度烧伤,病情危重。入院后就被送入ICU重症监护室抢救。于有臣说,妻子在重症监护病房,每天的医药费都在1万5千元以上,而家里的大部分积蓄都放在屋里,随大火付之一炬。“说实话,我当时已经不知道该咋办了。孩子已经没了,想救孩子妈妈也没有钱……”于有臣说。   但这个不幸的父亲没有想到,他家的遭遇被好心人发布到网络上,很快有好心人来到医院,向于家人伸出了援手。“仅仅12日一天,就有热心人送来了2万多元捐款!”于有臣说。此外,还有爱心团体在互联网上发起募捐。   但汇集而来的爱心也没能最终战胜死神。入院抢救4天后,崔海燕仍因伤势过重去世。   寻找恩人 说声谢谢   虽然妻女双亡,但于有臣说,他忘不了帮过自己的大连好心人。   “几天时间就有人捐款数万元。”于有臣说,最令自己感动的是一位83岁的老人。“他是得知了我的事情后,从自己住的老虎滩附近赶来,倒了两趟车。”于有臣告诉记者,老人给他送来了2000元。在处理完妻女的后事后,他一方面带着妻女的遗照来到大连海边,圆女儿生前的愿望。另一个目的是,去老虎滩找找这位热心老人,当面再说声谢谢。   奔波半天的于有臣没有找到热心大爷。他说:“现在仍有热心人给银行卡里打入捐款。”于有臣表示,他希望通过晚报告诉大家:不要再继续捐助了。另一个目的则是通过晚报对所有帮过自己的好心人说声谢谢。“感谢你们的热情相助!我也会努力做个帮助别人的好人!”于有臣说。相关的主题文章:

Michael kors two smart smart watches equipped with 2100 Xiaolong (video)

Michael Kors two smart smart watches equipped with a 2100The snapdragon Verge Chinese station Michael reported in September 7th Kors launched two smart watches equipped with 2100 Xiaolong fashion brand Michael Kors has just released a new smart watch called Access, the first smart watch this debut at the beginning of this year, with Android Wear operating system and has two kinds different style. The first is a design called Dylan, designed for male users to create the style of movement, while the other is a full metal Bradshaw style, more suitable for female users. However, the design of these two styles are relatively heavy, and Michael Kors smart watches before the style is very close, priced at $350 (about 2335 yuan). In terms of size, there is no distinction between men and women for size. Although the volume is not small, but the Access is basically very similar to other smart watches Android Wear system, also supports customizable interface. Includes a variety of different styles of standby interface to adapt to different styles, but also according to day and night to day and night mode switching. In addition, Michael Kors also offers hundreds of different colors, display style and combination of dial design. Configuration, Dylan and Bradshaw are using the latest Qualcomm snapdragon 2100 processor, built-in speaker and 320× 290 pixel touch screen, and built-in motion tracking sensor, but it does not support the heart rate monitoring. (author: Dan Seifert translation: Click to view the original English meters) [Chinese related rights and American The Verge works by Tencent Inc, without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章:

Pregnant women do not regularly go to the hospital during pregnancy checks, the results let her regr zuczug

No pregnant women to the hospital regularly during the inspection, the results of her regret for a lifetime – Sohu mother Ms. Liu and her husband finally got his wish, Ms. Liu and her husband have a son, now want to be a daughter, then two couples have a plan, finally pregnant, nine months pregnant, Liu she went to the hospital to do B ultrasound examination, the immediate scene let Liu at a loss, in front of this scene shows Sharon uterus and two in addition to fetal shadow, after doctors diagnosed uterine fibroids is found. You do not have a regular production inspection, how to develop the disease so serious to the hospital? Doctor asked Ms. liu. Liu said the birth of their first child when the baby is healthy and is now on the primary school, now pregnant with a second child because there is no experience so regularly to check, doctors will scold Liu, now the situation is not good, need to Liu first hospitalization, when the time for Liu Nv’s surgery after doctors to Ms. Liu caesarean, fortunately the operation was a success, the baby could be born. Suggest that your mother before pregnancy and her husband to develop a good plan, some mothers feel that the seizure is very troublesome, but also do not have the package, but do not know the regular inspection of pregnant women and the fetus is very protective! A pregnant mother, some do not believe that early examination confirmed pregnant with early pregnant test paper on the line, to three months later to go to the hospital for detailed examination, in fact, this idea is wrong, early pregnancy screening of high-risk pregnancy, reduce maternal and fetal health of the key, therefore, pregnant mothers should raise awareness of the importance and the necessity of early pregnancy. Two, do not have to check the prenatal examination of the number and interval, there is time to go. During most of pregnancy pregnant mother have continued to work during pregnancy, while also taking into account the work, so the doctor did not follow the prescribed time to check, some pregnant mother because of the bad weather and other reasons to shirk the doctor arranged production plan, in order to determine whether it is appropriate to continue pregnancy, pregnancy safety assessment. Three, during pregnancy, pregnant women for prenatal care, can find defects existing in the body, if pregnant women suffering from a disease not suitable for pregnancy, such as tuberculosis, diabetes, etc., can be taken in time to choose to be pregnant again after treatment. Four, pregnant women during pregnancy need to go to the hospital for pregnancy examination regularly, to understand the development of the fetus and whether there is abnormal and other problems, if it is a slight abnormality can also be timely remedy. Five, pregnant women through a comprehensive and regular prenatal examination, can be a very detailed understanding of pregnant women in the pre pregnancy to do a good job to predict the difficulty to prevent pregnant women dystocia, maternal and child safety to provide effective protection. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章:

Insurance stocks fell placards weighed on the market impact of the new regulations cad2012序列号和密钥

Insurance stocks fell placards weighed on the market impact of the new regulations? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan August 25th market continued to worry about the insurance funds Jiancang, placards stocks led the drag, the market continued to decline was approaching 1.5%, unable to get up after a fall, in the afternoon of Vanke A (000002.SZ) rebound driven by the stock rebounded, closing the Shanghai the index fell 0.57% to close at 3068.33 points, the two cities traded slightly more than 510 billion yuan. Most placards stocks continued the decline yesterday, Financial Street, Langfang, China calxon development still decline at around 5%, but also on the market to form drag. After the close of the afternoon, the market for the 600 billion universal insurance will gradually withdraw A shares, the rumors, China Insurance Regulatory Commission official pointed out that the rumors untrue. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission held a forum on the relevant departments, on how to further improve the regulatory system of life insurance products to seek the views of some insurance companies. Relevant documents are still in the process of soliciting opinions, I hope the public to the official release of the regulatory documents shall prevail. The responsible person stressed that, in order to meet the growing consumer demand for insurance, China CIRC will further strengthen the personal insurance products safeguard function, guide the development of the industry risk protection and long-term retirement savings products, gathering long-term insurance funds, the implementation of the development concept of insurance name "guarantee". Is the insurance funds to support the development of the capital market, promote the real important strength of economic transformation, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, will further play the advantages of long-term investment, to provide long-term stable funding for the real economy and capital market development. The new regulations of insurance funds in the end what kind of impact on the A shares? This insurance industry believes that the relevant provisions is that more regulation attitude may only be limited to the addition of the insurance companies to leave enough leeway, but has a great impact on the small and medium-sized insurance companies; the short term market may also be sideways for a period of time the next round of rising, still need new catalytic factors. 23 evening, the media reported that the morning of August 23rd, China Insurance Regulatory Commission convened 15 companies held a meeting, the afternoon for another 15 foreign life insurance companies, the proposed restrictions on the development of the insurance company in short duration products. The market for high interest rate insurance products, the insurance company to develop a predetermined interest rate or the minimum guaranteed interest rate is not higher than 3% of the personal insurance products, interest rate is not higher than 3.45% of the ordinary annuity insurance products, Chinese submitted to the CIRC for record; the development of the insurance company or the minimum guaranteed interest rate is the interest rate is higher than 3% of personal insurance products and the scheduled interest rate higher than 3.45% of the ordinary annuity insurance products, submitted to the CIRC for approval Chinese. Shanghai, a person in charge of insurance information to the first Financial Daily reporters, said the short-term product continued to pick up, then the insurance funds may reduce a certain position, which has certain impact on the relevant stock. China Insurance Regulatory Commission of the insurance company is bound to be bound, but in fact, the rules of the contract to leave some space above; this is a deterrent document, rather than binding documents, also on the相关的主题文章:

Sources said YAHOO to determine the user account was leaked win7codecs

YAHOO hundreds of millions of user accounts leaked U.S. stock market center said the news: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 22nd evening news, today the foreign media quoted informed sources said, after an investigation confirmed this week, YAHOO will be officially announced hundreds of millions of users the account information stolen by hackers. At the beginning of August, YAHOO announced that it is investigating a suspected hacker case, the content is the 200 million user account may have been stolen, and was sold on the black market network. It is reported that a hacker claiming to be Peace at the time the price of 3 bitcoins (about $1860) for the sale of suspected YAHOO account information. Previously, the hacker had sold professional social networking site LinkedIn and social networking MySpace hacking case data. YAHOO said at the time: our security team is investigating the authenticity of the matter." The person familiar with the situation said today that YAHOO will confirm the news later this week, is expected to be affected by a wide range of users. Insiders said the incident will cause adverse effects on the acquisition of YAHOO Verizon Communications transaction. In July this year, Verizon Communications announced a $4 billion 830 million acquisition of YAHOO’s core Internet assets, which is part of the hacker attack this business. For YAHOO, the 200 million user account is leaked it will have to bear a major responsibility for the new owner Verizon Communications will be a headache. In addition, for YAHOO CEO Marisa – (Marissa Mayer), the hacking incident is also a blemish in his career. (Li Ming) responsible editor: Li bolt SF171相关的主题文章:

Liaoning people’s Congress exposing chaos someone borrow behalf of hand in case – Sohu news hyuna

Liaoning people’s Congress exposing chaos: someone borrow behalf of hand in case – Sohu news with Liaoning province canvassing bribery case shady opened, many officials involved have been announced, Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress ecological chaos gradually revealed. A number of cases exposed, some business owners get deputies identity through canvassing bribery, with "judicial proposal" to intervene in handling cases, and the formation of National People’s Congress "mutual assistance" between the interests of the chain. Two cases in July 2011, 10 from Huludao Provincial People’s Congress, submitted a joint proposal to the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial government office requirements, severely punished Fushun Tianqi Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Fushun Tianqi) chairman Li Yueying suspected of economic crimes. The proposal was immediately transferred to the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau, Fushun police investigation on Li Yueying. In December 27, 2011, transferred to the provincial people’s Congress once again received the Personnel Committee, the provincial government office of the provincial people’s Congress joint letter from the Public Security Bureau of Liaoning Province, reflecting the "Li Yueying Beck underworld violence crimes, economic crimes", and requests the remote handling. This joint letter, when he was deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress instructions, Liaoning provincial public security bureau Party attaches great importance to the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau set up a task force. In December 29, 2011, the Fushun Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee agreed to the Fushun police for the Municipal People’s Congress Li Yueying bail. After the membership of Huludao Provincial People’s Congress repeatedly raised objections, the Public Security Bureau of Liaoning Province in February 21, 2012 will be the case designated under the jurisdiction of the Benxi municipal public security bureau. After that, several Fushun Provincial People’s Congress, but also to the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress submitted a letter of recommendation, pointed out that Li Yueying case should be economic disputes, rather than criminal cases. After the transfer of the proposed letter to the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Bureau has little effect. In March 9, 2015, Li Yueying was Benxi City Mingshan district court to the crime of fraudulent loans to non national staff of bribery and sentenced to 4 years. Li Yueying filed an appeal. July 26, 2015, Liaoning City Intermediate People’s Court of Benxi decided to suspend the trial. The reason is that Li Yueying suffering from serious illness, resulting in the case can not continue the trial. Li Yueying was a joint report by the Huludao Provincial People’s Congress 10, originated in a dispute. In January 19, 2007, Fushun Tianqi and Huludao City Rainbow Beijing Molybdenum Industry Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huludao Hong Beijing) signed an agreement to cooperate in the development, located in Fushun City, a real estate project. During subsequent cooperation, the two sides due to differences in property sales, financial expenses and other reasons, the escalation of the conflict. After that, Yang Qingming, chairman of Hong Kong, Huludao, began to report to the judiciary involved a number of issues, Li Yueying. After the report of Yang Qingming fruitless, Huludao membership of the 10 provincial people’s Congress letter appeared. Business information, Huludao, Hong Kong legal representative Yang Shicheng, aged 28, the eldest son of the Department of Huludao, the Municipal People’s Congress on behalf of the fifth. Yang Qingming is the twelve National People’s Congress of Liaoning province. Who reflect the 10 men from Huludao Provincial People’s Congress on behalf of Wang Yong about Li Yueying, Huludao Jiuzhou Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Huludao Jiuzhou company).相关的主题文章: