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The card to read the tape today traded the top grid opened up 20%-segotep

The card to read the tape: traded today rose 20% in the top grid opening card network news (reporter Zhang Dandan) A stock market ushered in a news website "national team", 28, listed transactions, the auction stage of the shares of the top grid opened up 20.01%, at 33.23 yuan. Company stock code 603888, the issue price of $27.69 shares, the number of shares issued 51 million 902 thousand and 936 shares, the total issued share capital of the shares of 207 million 611 thousand and 744. Xinhua Limited by Share Ltd is a central enterprise managed by Xinhua news agency. Xinhua is directly deployed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Xinhua news agency, the main focus of the news site, is an important position of the party and the state of public opinion on the internet. was founded in November 7, 1997, relying on the Xinhua news agency more than and 30 domestic branches and 170 overseas branches, consisting of news and information gathering network covering the whole world, in (simple and complex), Britain, France and Russia, Japan and the west, Arab and other 7 languages and two ethnic Tibetan and Uygur language, 24 the clock to publish news and information to the world. After more than ten years of innovation development, realized from single media to multimedia, from monolingual to multilingual, from wired to wireless, leapfrog development from a single news release platform to the multifunctional platform. Xinhua 2010 to the enterprise restructuring, the implementation of the company’s operating system mechanism. At present, China is working hard to forge ahead, in line with the requirements of the construction of modern all media formats of international first-class network media, with a strong ability to innovate new Internet cultural enterprises. [market positioning] Xinhua listed positioning is how much? A senior industry source told reporters, listed location reference valuation, current dynamic price earnings ratio of 355 times the market value of 22 billion 500 million yuan, listed after about 1.5 to 3 times increase.相关的主题文章:

Three new board received comments the market index rose red tail-quickchm

The new board received: market index closed red tail card network news (reporter Zhang Yi) board making index of late today changed the morning and quickly pulled the weak pattern, eventually rose 0.4% to close at 1093.77 points, although the volume failed to enlarge, but the first few days of this week is swept away. As of today’s close, a total of 716 market share trading occurs, the total turnover of 303 million yuan, a total of only 239 shares of the agreement transactions, the total turnover of $507 million. Among them, a total of 13 stocks turnover of more than ten million yuan, hongjitang, Lily network and lianxun securities turnover in the top three, respectively, 105 million yuan, 84 million 874 thousand and 100 yuan and 31 million 119 thousand and 900 yuan. Decline, China green biology, new material and diamond Frierson oil gainers three, rose 15455.56%, 2225.58% and 925%; in addition, including Hua Jitang, Kimcheon science and technology, 10 stocks rose more than 100%. In contrast, the west of entrepreneurship, good friends of science and technology and small loans fell more than 80%.相关的主题文章:

Fanon raise interest rates unless otherwise weaker pound will remain volatile in normal-tonya mitchell

Fanon: raise interest rates unless otherwise weaker pound will remain volatile in the normal Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong news network September 10th — since sterling has a British exit after the referendum recorded a record low rebound, this is mainly because of the recent British macroeconomic data is expected in the market by good economic data in the UK or prompted the Bank of England does not have to take more drastic measures in the short term. Although all normal again, but the specific negotiations British exit of uncertainty is still high. Indeed, Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, said in a speech to the British Parliament this week that the Bank of England could take a more aggressive monetary policy if needed. Long term uncertainty suggests that the Bank of England will do its utmost to limit the scope of its monetary policy. Assuming that the Bank of England is not about to market expectations, then the pound is likely to be higher than the current level of the dollar, and may be higher than the level of 1.35. In fact, it is expected that the pound’s potential upward correction of the rebound in space is limited, because the international monetary market data show that speculative Sterling short positions are still in the high level for several years. At the same time, the French agricultural credit bank’s market position test shows that sterling’s short positions have been picked up to the level of the British referendum. Credit Agricole says it considers its data more reliable, given its data, including risk reversals. In addition, the French agricultural credit bank pointed out that its own data more emphasis on corporate capital flows, which is in the current environment can not be ignored. May be part of the market investors will think of short positions in high positions under the condition of sterling’s decline will end soon, because they think that when short positions in the extreme level "situation, the market will soon be reversed or will rebound, rebound and pound repair less risk, but the fact or on the contrary, because of historically low rates in the UK may again add downside risk for pound. This means that unless the Bank of England to raise interest rates, or the pound will remain weak shock normal. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

P2P is facing reshuffle thirteen iron law defines the focus on the main business platform-whereisip

P2P is facing reshuffle thirteen "iron law" defines the focus on the main business platform Chen Ruogu drawing tabulation Zhai Chao editor’s note: yesterday, the concern of the "network credit information agency business activity management Interim Measures" officially landed. Many industry insiders said, P2P net loan industry experienced a previous barbaric growth, the next year will usher in a reshuffle tide, and the overall industry growth is expected to be a temporary slowdown, even many platforms will collapse. Securities Times reporter Sun Lulu compared to last year’s draft, the approach added more stringent management requirements, and provides for a period of 12 months of rectification platform transition. Insiders said, is expected in the future, many platforms will take the initiative to exit, for the protection of the rights and interests of the investors and regulators to make plans to prevent the high standards brought about by the turmoil affected the interests of investors reshuffle. CBRC Inclusive Finance Department Director Li Junfeng said, on the net loan business supervision, focus on the development of business rules to improve the filing system to replace the previous market expectations of licensed access management, to strengthen it in the post regulation. At the same time, adhere to the bottom line of regulatory thinking, the implementation of negative list management, clear net lending institutions can not engage in the thirteen prohibitions. In addition, the principle of "dual responsibility" to carry out the division of labor supervision and coordination, clear the CBRC and its dispatched offices and local financial regulatory departments of their respective regulatory functions. There are three major changes since the end of December last year issued on the measures for the administration of credit institutions network after the draft compared with the draft, the CBRC revised and improved according to the views collected, the final version. Li Junfeng said, compared to the draft, the approach has three major differences. First, to further clarify the regulatory framework of net lending institutions, to take appropriate supervision, the concept of collaborative supervision. In the main regulatory body, clear the central regulatory authorities and the local government "double responsible" regulatory arrangements. Specifically, the CBRC and its dispatched institutions as the central financial supervision departments responsible for the implementation of the supervision of the behavior of net loan institutions, including the development of specific policies and measures and standardize the development of unified supervision and management system, and is responsible for net lending institutions of the supervision of the daily business activities; local financial supervision departments responsible for the implementation of regulatory agencies in the area net loan institutions, specific including guidance, record management and risk prevention and treatment work in the area net lending institutions. In addition, the main responsibilities of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the regulation of telecom business involves the net lending institutions in practice; main duties of the Ministry of public security is led by Internet Security Supervision on the net loan business activities; the state Internet information office is responsible for the supervision of the main responsibilities of financial information services, Internet information service. According to the idea of decentralization, net loan regulation to ex post regulation, filing system and non licensed access management. The so-called filing system, there is no threshold and premise conditions (such as capital requirements, executives qualifications etc.), net loan applicants as long as according to the complete information to the relevant departments for registration, obtain the telecommunications business license." Li Junfeng said. Two is to further clarify the positioning of the net loan institutions,.相关的主题文章:

To support through injection of e tocolysis pregnant women come to send a good pregnancy maternal –

To support through injection of E tocolysis pregnant women come to send a good pregnancy maternal Sohu recently, "low progesterone" became the mother turn red words, 10 pregnant women in the 7 "low progesterone, prepare pregnant army rushed to the hospital to check this" progesterone ", that he is unfortunately one of them, really is not good to eat can’t sleep well. A lot of people can not help but sigh, how can it older "children", and our generation is not so easily? What chemical pollution, biological pollution, computer radiation, a time for a variety of environmental and ecological questions, but feel helpless, panic too many novice family and gradually formed a "blood progesterone — doctors — low progesterone medication injections bed" such an embarrassing situation. Just pregnant you have been frightened? Low progesterone Baoma obstacles mentioned miscarriage, we have to mention progesterone, many pregnant mother need injection of progesterone for miscarriage. When the pregnant mother need progesterone are often appear tocolysis, bleeding during pregnancy, threatened abortion, physicians were asked to stay in bed, once a day, or even two times travel journey in the hospital after the injection of progesterone, toss consumes time and energy do not say, but also add risk factors and unsafe abortion accident that is a very big challenge to repose the birth of pregnant women. There are a lot of pregnant mom sighed, if these can be removed from the hard, direct appointment nurses door-to-door progesterone injection is perfect. According to statistics, now the nurse patient appointments on-site service demand, booking injections accounted for 33%, which accounted for relatively large Baotai needle. A single key nurse come to send good pregnancy "before a Shanghai entry professional home care in nursing mode O2O E care APP, the majority of users and adapt to market demand, the new service maternal subcutaneous injection of progesterone in pregnant women, mainly to solve the physical discomfort, no family companionship, inconvenience of going to the hospital, the second injection the high maternal age group injection of progesterone demand. Fingertips, Download E or E support through focus nursing | subscription number, a reservation, pregnant mother can enjoy the nurses’ home progesterone service. Professional nurses have clinical experience with injection, two fast and slow injection technique, imperceptibly has for you to complete the injection, time-saving but also worry, make you comfortable at ease at home tocolysis. Not only that, the nurse can also and pregnant mother face-to-face communication, professional psychological counseling, parenting knowledge and miscarriage of pregnancy diet of pregnant mother’s guidance, to eliminate negative emotions, to create a pleasant mood during pregnancy. E support through after 13 years of postoperative nursing experience in the nursing profession, nursing has 12 patents, with a large number of online care professionals, strict nursing service supervision system, more conducive to some aspects of the hospital from the hospital extension, sinking into the community and family. More importantly, in the E support on the registered nurse (including hospital nurses, community hospital nurse and a retired nurse, including nurses, nurse in charge etc.) through the real name authentication, qualification certification, and these professionals located in Shanghai city hospital.相关的主题文章:

The Ice Hockey World Cup Canada Russia into the semi-finals of the European team in Sweden – Sports -tianbi

The Ice Hockey World Cup Canada Russia into the semi-finals of the European team in Sweden joined forces – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 24th, the 2016 World Cup hockey over all the group phase competition in Toronto canada. The Russian team 3-0 victory over Finland team, won the last four seats, in an independent qualifying group A game, the Czech team 4-3 beat the United states. Russia 3-0 Finland can win as long as the Russian team qualify for the semi-finals, the Finland team has two battles negative early exit. In section second, the post Finland team Gelanlun Degen shooting, after a minute, the Russian team always assists Larson, chikin pass tower, the latter easily tui. After a minute, Skei Pa Chief qianchangduanqiu assists Terry after gold and then into a ball, the score will be adapted to 2-0. The middle section of the Finland team, before the grand Lundemen close volley was Russia goalkeeper Bobu Jankulovski out. The third section 3 minutes 39 seconds, the Russian team shot succeeded Malkin in the back, will expand the score to 3-0 the Czech 4-3 of the game to qualify for the Michalek brothers, the Czech team’s performance is excellent, the first section of the game twelfth minutes 44 seconds, brother zbynek – Michalek scored, then the American team to play Pavle J Ki by chance a goal to level the score is 1-1. The second section 6 minutes, Milan Michalek scored a goal in the melee in front, to rewrite the score to 2-1, the day after the game, the U.S. team Abdel Kader in front of a volley of shots, equalised for 2-2. After two and a half minutes, the Czech team scored a small point of view, then Milan – Michalek scored a goal in the counterattack, the team made the lead 4-2. The third section 2 minutes 22 seconds, the American team Macdonald in a ball, a few dozen people under attack in front of Qiangdian eventually, the Czech team beat the United States 4-3. Canada 4-1 European teams are already qualified, the opening 4 minutes, Close ball around behind the goal succeeded, the last minute, the Canadian team Duchesne pass in the left front of Taos Dianshe scored again, will expand the score to 2-0. Shortly after opening the second quarter, the European team a small angle shot succeeded, the score will be reduced to 1-2. Then the Canadian team of Taos in the back shot succeeded, to rewrite the score 3-1. The Canadian team Kocour front lob score again to lock the score to 4-1. North American 4-3 (OT) Sweden this year NHL show champion Mathews completed in thirtieth seconds when the score, help the American team to rewrite the score to 1-0, after a minute, the North American team Teluoqiekemen before the backhand shot again into a ball, the score will be adapted to 2-0. 8 minutes and 24 seconds, the Swedish team fosberg scored a goal, the score closer to 1-2. The first day after the game, team North America Gothic Luo pole succeeded, will expand the score to 3-1, the Swedish team won with a little chance, Baxter ram shot nets, pull the score to 2-3. The third section 6 minutes 50 seconds, the Swedish team relied on Berg Lund refraction teammates shot, will rewrite the 3-3 game to be dragged into overtime. Overtime).相关的主题文章: