Baidu responds to privacy security reports no bugs have been

Baidu responded to privacy report: repair loopholes in Sina Francisco February 24th afternoon news, Baidu Inc Reuters responded recently on "Application of Baidu code will collect personal information reported to Sina technology. Baidu official responded: reported the existence of false information and misunderstanding, Baidu received in the Citizen Lab laboratory briefing after the repair was completed in December 2015, the latest version is not the existence of the vulnerability of the problem. Baidu said, researchers from Canada’s Citizen Lab said it found a loophole in the development of Baidu Android software development kit, and will inform the Baidu, but then the problem is repaired. But in the relevant reports, Citizen Lab said that since last November, the agency will inform Baidu, the company has fixed part of the problem, but Baidu’s Android browser will continue to be the easy way to send the decryption device ID and other sensitive data. In addition, Baidu had also told the Reuters, the company interested in data is limited to the commercial level, but refused to disclose who can obtain these data. Baidu is also in response to the involved according to the introduced: "Baidu Android software development kit" is a mobile application to application developers to provide statistical analysis tools, to provide real-time statistics service for developers, to help developers achieve data and sophisticated operation, reduce the cost of development, this is the practice at home and abroad statistical tools. The tool does not collect search keywords, website access records, and there is no sharing of data with the third party. At the same time, Baidu said, Baidu established a safety management system from product development to the effective personnel management, to ensure that the Baidu products and website security, strengthen the protection of user privacy. "We welcome all aspects of supervision, but also welcome to Baidu more comments and suggestions to help us enhance the user experience. For malicious rumors and slander, we will also take legal measures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests." (Li Gen)

百度回应隐私安全报道:已修复 不存在漏洞   新浪科技讯 2月24日下午消息,百度公司向新浪科技回应了近日路透社关于“百度代码的应用会收集用户个人信息”的报道。百度官方回应称:报道存在不实信息和误解,百度在收到Citizen Lab实验室的通报后已于2015年12月完成修复,最新的版本已不存在该漏洞问题。   百度表示,此前来自加拿大Citizen Lab的研究人员曾表示,其在百度开发的Android软件开发套件中发现了漏洞,并将此事告知百度,不过随后该问题即得到修复。   不过在相关报道中,Citizen Lab表示,自从该机构去年11月将此事告知百度之后,该公司已经修正了部分问题,但百度的Android浏览器仍会以很容易解密的方式发送设备ID等敏感数据。此外,百度此前还对路透社表示,该公司对数据的兴趣仅限于商业层面,但拒绝透露究竟有谁可以获取这些数据。   百度也在回应中对涉事根据进行了介绍:“百度Android软件开发套件”是一款向应用开发者提供的移动应用统计分析工具,旨在为开发者提供实时的统计服务,帮助开发者实现数据化、精细化运营,降低开发成本,这也是国内外统计工具的通行做法。该工具不会采集外媒提及的搜索关键词、网站访问记录,也不存在与第三方分享这些数据的情况。   百度方面同时表示,百度建立了从产品开发到人员管理的一整套行之有效的安全管理体系,以保证百度的产品和网站安全,加强用户隐私权保护。“我们欢迎各方面的监督,也欢迎大家给百度提出更多意见和建议,帮我们一起提升用户体验。而对于恶意造谣和诋毁行为,我们也将采取法律手段维护自身的合法权益。”(李根)相关的主题文章: