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Baiyangdian local area response to chaos: shutting down the Pleasure Island suspended staff Beijing News News (reporter Li Ming) today (6 days) for the investigation report, the Baiyangdian scenic tourist chaos Beijing news tonight, the local has responded to stop attachment reported problems in the tourism attractions Pleasure Island, the relevant staff of the company suspended, stop joint ticket management, and push the scenic spot ticket system. According to the Beijing News reported, 5A scenic Baiyangdian tourism chaos still exists, the villagers around the lake area, the black ship "soliciting attractions tickets management confusion, tourists have questioned attractions" vulgar performances". In this regard, today Anxin County Propaganda Department responded that the county government attaches great importance to the county Party Secretary, county magistrate has given instructions to convene the relevant departments held a special conference to strengthen the tourism market supervision, reporting on the problem points of the list, a clear responsibility unit, deadline for rectification. For the "black ships" soliciting phenomenon, to Anxin County Propaganda Department of the said, has instructed the Department of transportation on the regulation of the bus station near the bus station in order to combat private tourists; instructed the public security bureau to increase inspections of private key areas of tourists. Strengthen the road, water inspections, found together with the investigation, not to buy scenic spots are prohibited on the attractions. The ticket management, scenic spots that said, has instructed the IRS investigation exposed sight ticket usage, according to the results of the investigation shall be punished according to law of attraction; instructed the Tourism Bureau to stop leisure island and other related attractions in the tourist service center ticketing, leisure island and other attractions for interviews, asking them to stop the operation of a joint ticket, in the leisure Island staff travel company suspended processing. For the question of attractions "vulgar performances", the statement also said that the new board will immediately spot various performances according to the verification, the problems are processed according to the law. Anxin County Propaganda Department said, Baiyangdian vast water area, close contact with the surrounding villages to combat difficult. As of now, the relevant departments of the administrative detention of 19 private visitors who seized 167 vessels of various types of water, land seized private pull visitors to the staff of 95 people. In the management of scenic spots, there are also professional organizations for routine examination. This year, a total of 3 to rectify the closure of tourist attractions, a deadline for rectification of the 2. Next, the new scenic spots in Baiyangdian will use this winter and spring tourist season time, plan to launch the bus operation, one vote system and other new scenic water. (Beijing News New Media)相关的主题文章: