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UnCategorized Bamboo has become such a popular plant in recent times; not only can you grow and enjoy it but it’s use in other areas such as wood flooring and as blinds is rapidly gaining in popularity. Then there’s the human version in the shape of musical band Bamboo Manalac which just like it’s plant namaesake, is climbing in the popularity ratings! The Bamboo Orchid So what about bamboo orchids? It would probably surprise many garden enthusiasts that bamboo orchids even exist but they certainly do! In some areas they are considered somewhat of a pest but in general, they excel as a decorative plant, enhance any flower arrangement and produce a distinct fragrance. Bamboo orchids can be found scattered throughout areas in southern Asia and also the pacific islands. They are a popular form of decorative plant in Hawaii and can also be found in countries such as Costa Rica. Characteristics Of The Bamboo Orchid Bamboo orchids can be a little fussy to grow as orchid lovers in the western world are finding out but essentially, by following some well-worn guidelines, they can be grown with good success. The bamboo orchid is also known as Arundina and it can grow to heights of 6-8 feet and is a multi-perrennial plant. The flowers generally bloom during summer and autumn and can produce up to a dozen flowers. The foliage of the plant has a grassy appearance while the flower itself is either lilac, lavender or mauve, depending on your interpretation of color flanked by a white disc and either a purple or yellowish lip. Growing Bamboo Orchids While bamboo orchids can make a great indoor plant and add a touch of variety to any home decor, growing the orchid outside in ground requires just a little know-how. If you are about to take the plunge and embed one in your garden try the following tips for best results: – Avoid planting in a wind-prone area and give the new planting as much space as possible. In other words, don’t crowd the orchid as it can be a little claustrophobic. – Make sure the plant is in a position to attract plenty of sunlight, especially during the morning with a little extra cover during the hottest part of the day. – You want to ensure the orchid is kept fairly moist although avoid putting it in an area where flooding is likely to occur. If this is a scenario you’re concerned with either put it in higher ground or elevate the ground where you intend to plant it. – The soil can be kept moist simply by providing a good cover of mulch while in rainfall deficient areas, watering every 2-3 days is required. Applying intermittent doses of fertilizer during the year will be appreciated by the orchid in fact, a slow release fertilizer every couple of months should do the trick. – Bamboo orchids appreciate warm conditons so if you live in an area where temperatures drop drastically at night, then it may be wise to plant your bamboo in a pot because cold temperatures are not something they appreciate. Bamboo orchids are creating more and more interest among plant lovers and given their attractive nature when in bloom, are an interesting addition to any "green thumb’s" cache of flora. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: