Behind the Hongqiao aircraft accident national air traffic controllers wages fall about 7 thousand 3

Behind the Hongqiao aircraft accident: the country of about 7 thousand air traffic controllers wages fall of 3 years (Figure 1) the main responsible party recently occurred in the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport two aircraft insurance hit events for the accident, air traffic controllers become the focus of public attention. Reporter survey, and civil aviation pilots bear almost the same major responsibility of the air traffic controller, not only in the long-term overload state, but the level of pay is only 15 of the pilot. Just over ten days of Hongqiao airport passenger plane crash incident, causing concern and hot debate. Notification from the civil aviation authority "10· 11" incident investigation conclusion, if not captain A320 decisively in just 3 seconds, belong to the Chinese Eastern Airlines A320 aircraft and A330 aircraft is likely to crash tragedy. The Civil Aviation Bureau of the preliminary investigation conclusion of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport two machine almost collided accident: This is because the tower controller command error, causing a runway incursions. Industry experts ATC system a decades of work pointed out that this is not a problem of air traffic controllers, but the exposed face of the entire controller group embarrassment, and various risks exist in the rapid growth of civil aviation Chinese. Only from the air traffic control system, the overloaded work has become the norm. If we do not reform the pay mechanism as soon as possible, select and retain outstanding personnel engaged in air traffic control, safe and efficient operation of the ATC system, will face a more tense and difficult situation. Reporter survey found that, with the rapid development of civil aviation China, continue to open up a new route, in an increasing amount of flights, airlines earned pours at the same time, a controller for working pressure is more and more big, and the salary is three consecutive years down not up. The event controller failure of two aircraft collided xianniang in October 11th this year, the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport has nearly two aircraft collided. MU5643 Eastern A320 B-2337 machine (Shanghai Hongqiao Tianjin) flights, 03 tower aircraft runway 12, set to enter the runway after performing pre flight inspection, and later began to take off in accordance with the instructions. Unit in confirm the runway accessibility situations, performing off the action, but this time the captain suddenly found a A330 ready to cross the runway, the captain decided to take off immediately after a short judgment, the aircraft pulled over from over A330, nearly caused a crash. After investigation, the Civil Aviation Bureau determined that the incident is a sign of a serious accident reason together because of the tower controller, forgetting dynamic errors caused by the command, were given to the East China air traffic control, East China air traffic control centre and the safety management department of East China Air Traffic Management Bureau of 13 leading cadres of the party warning, serious warning and administrative demerit, demotion; revoke command at and monitor position controller license on duty, on duty command at the ATC control command life shall not be engaged in work; to successfully resolve the crisis on China Eastern Airlines A320 aircraft captain He Chao merit and reward. The analysis shows that the accident investigation is not only the responsibility of air traffic control tower of the Civil Aviation Administration of the party, double post system implementation is not in place was put forward. "Aviation knowledge" magazine editor in chief Wang Yanan explained that China’s implementation of the double tower controller controls, one instruction)相关的主题文章: