Beijing, China – VIDEO – Fujian college students innovative creative products cited

Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian university students creative competition of innovative products cited concern [comment] in September 12th second in Fujian province Internet plus "College Students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held in the morning part of Fuzhou University. Around the "embrace" Internet plus "era, build innovation and entrepreneurship dream" theme, 80 excellent projects in fierce competition. [interpretation] reporters at the scene of the game, the contest is divided into creative groups, growth groups, three groups of start-up group. All outstanding project creative staff took turns on stage, introduce the project, and accept the question. Daily economic news reporter noted that the creative team of the game is particularly exciting, the 40 projects are unique, creative products eye-catching. [comment] this suitcase before, at first glance not eye-catching, but it has a very strong function, one of the most important is to follow the trunk. This product is from sunshine college students creative. They are also for the project named "copycat" [earlier] project leader Hu Yongsen’s main feature is the ability to follow our own useful, said users in front, and the box can follow the user action, so we do not need to use the user manual to drag a box. Follow the technology not only can be used above in the suitcase, but also can be used in various places need to follow, such as factories, and we can carry something to help the old life, and this project when we cooperate with all the luggage company, we can promote the intelligent upgrading of the entire industry. [comment] Hu Yongsen told reporters, "copycat" is a smart suitcase designed for convenient business and tourists travel, it can identify the user location, follow automatically, without manual intervention, to remind the owner to carry valuables, reduced to the maximum extent due to the loss of luggage forgotten master. At the same time, it also has a fingerprint to unlock, with features such as picture box. The same period [] project guide teacher Luo Chengli is the first mobile phone via Bluetooth, Bluetooth to judge between approximate position where, because the Bluetooth ranging accuracy is not precise enough, so we used infrared distance sensor, the infrared sensor can be targeted to the distance, is judged with the right people, so we are in a circle around the infrared sensor. [comment] reporters learned that the second session of Fujian province "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition attracted 88 universities of Fujian province entered the competition, college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects amounted to 6312, through the organization of students and teachers to participate in the contest, race to promote education, to promote competition, to promote innovation. At the same time, the competition is also an important platform to show the results of innovation and entrepreneurship education and learning exchanges and cooperation. During the same period, the person in charge of the event organizers Hong Fu through such an event, it can help us to explore more and better such a good entrepreneurial projects. [] the same period many students race judges Ouyang Zichao made this more as a competition rather than a real business practice to do so, my advice to them that these students actually a lot of good projects, with social business channel相关的主题文章: