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Beijing Consumers Association released a box test report: 30 box 19 empty 30 box 19 is not strong Beijing trolley Association issued a test report Beijing morning news (reporter Chen Lin) yesterday, the Beijing Consumers Association released the goods box comparison test results show that the pull rod box overall product quality and brand quality and however hard, 29 brands tested a total of 30 samples, 19 samples of "unstable", accounting for up to 63%, including Hello Kitty, MUJI, Septwolves (Muji) and other well-known brand. According to reports, this comparative test samples by the staff of the Beijing Municipal Association to general consumers from the Beijing department store, Xidan joy, Han Jun is more than a dozen large department stores such as shopping mall and Amazon, millet network and many other network platform to buy random. Involving 29 brands of the 30 samples. After testing, 19 samples are not strong". A comparative study on the impact properties of oscillations in 4 standard samples including nominal production enterprise for the Septwolves brand box Fujian Septwolves industry limited company, the nominal production enterprise for the Guangzhou woodpecker Leather Co. Ltd. SMILEBIRD trolley case. In the test of impact resistance, 17 samples did not meet the standard requirements. In addition to the EMINENT, the other 16 samples were shown to be deformed or cracked. Among them, the nominal production enterprise for the Shenzhen Ambassador ind. Co. Ltd. Dongguan branch, the dealer unit of the Shanghai Yan Feng Trading Company into a Hello Kitty case, the test results for "box deformation and cracking". According to the results of this comparison test, the Beijing Municipal Association official pointed out that some enterprises even including some well-known brand manufacturers producing luggage especially plastic products only imitate others, material strength and toughness using does not pass, easy to deformation and cracking caused by the box in use. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: