Beijing issued a heavy air pollution yellow warning haze will continue for two days-reshacker

Beijing issued a heavy air pollution yellow warning "haze will last for two days – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 2 (reporter Ni Yuanjin, Wang Dier) Beijing warning center, Beijing heavy air pollution emergency headquarters office 2, released 17 heavy air pollution yellow warning, Beijing city and North China by the impact of adverse weather conditions, gradually slip diffusion conditions, 3 to 5, the air quality will reach the" 4 levels of pollution "to" 5 heavily polluted "level, is expected to 5 in the afternoon, the air quality will be gradually improved. In addition, Beijing City Meteorological Warning Center, the city of Beijing 2 at 16:25 in the afternoon issued a "haze yellow warning", most of area 3, Beijing city will appear mild to moderate haze, 4 moderate haze, local severe haze, low visibility. It is understood that the "haze warning issued by the meteorological department, the" visibility "and" relative humidity "as a standard, and the concentration of PM2.5, and the environmental protection department of the heavy air pollution warning system is two. Meteorological department said 2 night cloudy, the minimum temperature of 0 DEG C, 3 day cloudy, the highest temperature of 15 degrees. According to the Beijing heavy air pollution yellow warning emergency regulations, the public should be good health protection, the relevant units shall strengthen the construction site dust control, stop the earthworks, construction and dismantling operations, increase the focus on road sweeping and cleaning strength, strengthen law enforcement efforts to open burning and burning of straw.相关的主题文章: