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Beijing Miyun reservoir storage capacity of 16 years the first super 1 billion 500 million – Beijing, Beijing, September 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) this year, Beijing is currently the only storage capacity of surface drinking water sources — Miyun Reservoir repeatedly "record". According to the Beijing municipal water authority 20 bulletin, since January 2001, the amount of water stored on the Miyun reservoir for the first time exceeded 1 billion 500 million cubic meters. Miyun reservoir is the largest reservoir in North China, but also the only surface water source in Beijing. The reservoir was built in 1960, including a total of nearly 20 hydraulic structures, dam a total length of 4560 meters, a total capacity of 4 billion 375 million cubic meters. Since 2002, Beijing has cut industrial water supply, Miyun reservoir is mainly responsible for the city’s domestic water consumption in Beijing. According to the monitoring data of Beijing city water department show that since the flood season this year, the volume of water in Miyun reservoir has experienced four liters: only 1 billion 33 million in January 1, 2016, but by July 22nd, exceeded 1 billion 200 million square water of Miyun reservoir; August 2nd, water volume exceeded 1 billion 300 million; in August 19th, water volume exceeded 1 billion 400 million; as of September 20th 8, achieve the 1 billion 499 million 200 thousand volume of water to the Miyun reservoir, on the afternoon of 20, amount of water for the first time in 16 years exceeded 1 billion 500 million cubic meters, more than the same period last year 613 million cubic meters of water, reservoir water level reached 140.54 meters. This year, the Miyun reservoir can reach 518 million cubic meters of water use. The reason for the increase in the amount of water, Beijing City Water Authority official explained that the upstream reservoir is the main reason for the precipitation. January 1, 2016 to date, the cumulative rainfall upstream of the reservoir 450.3 mm, with the average annual rainfall of about 455.5 mm basically flat, the formation of the surface of the river runoff into the reservoir inflow of water by 342 million cubic meters. At the same time, since the South-to-North Water Transfer Project through the water, water up to 1 billion 662 million cubic meters of water to beijing. Among them, the Miyun Reservoir in 2016 annual storage of water storage of 107 million cubic meters. In addition, Beijing since the beginning of this year by the Baihepu reservoir accumulated to Miyun reservoir water 69 million cubic meters, while also reducing the outflow water of Miyun reservoir. Total water supply of 47 million cubic meters of this year, compared with the same period last year to reduce the amount of 59 million cubic meters. (end)相关的主题文章: