Beijing Railway Bureau online shopping day tickets are still not taken 4 million 400

Beijing Railway Bureau: online shopping day tickets are still not taken 4 million 400 thousand – China News Network (reporter Wang Wei) National Day railway transport countdown. Yesterday, the Beijing Railway Bureau eleven golden week railway transport program introduced this year, the golden week railway transport for September 28th to October 7th, a total of 10 days. In the meantime, Beijing Railway Bureau will add 41 pairs of passenger trains to provide transport security. Beijing Railway Bureau ticket sales show that, at present, there are 4 million 400 thousand online shopping tickets did not get tickets to reach nearly 90% of online shopping tickets. In order to avoid the trip focused on the day after arriving the tickets, the railway sector to passengers as soon as possible through the train ticket daishoudian, train station window, self-service ticket machine ticket. The peak day is expected to send 1 million 450 thousand passengers according to the forecast of the Beijing Railway Bureau, the National Day golden week, the Council is expected to send 10 million 822 thousand passengers, an increase of 612 thousand people, an increase of 6%, the daily average of 1 million 82 thousand passengers. Passenger flow mainly leisure tourism, home; long-distance travel passenger concentrated in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Guiyang, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Chongqing, Shanghai, Hangzhou direction, short haul passenger traffic in Tianjin, Dezhou, Cangzhou, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao and Shijiazhuang as the main direction of inter city, radiation surrounding tourist attractions. October 1st is expected to peak passenger flow is expected to send passengers 1 million 450 thousand passengers. In order to meet the popular demand for passenger travel, during the golden week Beijing bureau to open to Harbin, Xi’an, Qingdao, Ji’nan, Yantai, Zhengzhou, Baoji, Changchun direction high speed train. In addition, added to the sunshine, Qigihar, Chifeng, Shanghai, Datong, Qinghe town, Laiyuan, Handan direction normal speed trains. In October 1st there are 830 thousand tickets are not taken in recent years, with the growing popularity of online shopping network tickets, train tickets higher proportion to the train station ticket queue queuing for the tickets but not the phenomenon is widespread. But it also brings some problems. Due to the habit of passengers before driving to the station to get tickets, resulting in peak hours to get together to get tickets crowd queuing, some passengers did not get tickets because of delays in travel. Yesterday, according to the Beijing Railway Bureau network ticketing shows that from September 28th to October 7th, 10 days, the total ticket passengers through the Internet to reach 4 million 913 thousand, of which the 4 million 400 thousand tickets have not yet been exchanged. September 30th, peak day in October 1st, the number of tickets did not exchange reached 800 thousand and 830 thousand. For the Beijing railway, because of large passenger flow during the holiday season, need to exchange paper ticket passengers should try to advance in exchange for tickets, avoid travel focused on the day after arriving in the ticket, because time is tight and delay the trip. Beijing Railway Bureau said that in order to meet the needs of passengers booking travel passenger flow peak, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, TianJin Railway Station, Shijiazhuang Railway Station and other centralized passenger stations to implement 24 hours of uninterrupted ticket sales, increase sales, and change, refund window number in the passenger flow peak, reduce the waiting time of passengers. Young and old, sick pregnant passengers with reduced mobility can assist in contact in advance according to the understanding, National Day period, more concentrated in passenger station, Beijing Railway Bureau will.相关的主题文章: