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Beijing schools posted the teachers’ Day promoting education fair – Juli Beijing, Chaoyang District experimental primary school education group Party branch secretary Hu Aiguo posted a notice at the school gate for Chaoyang experimental primary school today is the thirty-second teachers’ day, the city schools at all levels of the teachers will usher in their own holiday. Whether the teacher should give gifts to win the opportunity for their children to take care of the debate has aroused widespread discussion, do not give birth to a child will lose the argument that many parents are very embarrassed. In fact, in order to ensure the fairness of education, but also respect each student equal rights of education, the Ministry of education has repeatedly deployed and stressed that there must be targeted to carry out special treatment of non teachers accepting illegal gifts gifts. Beijing City Commission and the District Board of education is also supporting the relevant rules and regulations, is strictly prohibited at all levels of college teachers, in various forms, accepting illegal gifts gifts and gifts. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, at present the city part of the school has posted related notices, and in a variety of ways to inform the parents of the students, once again the teacher can’t accept "gifts", the relevant person in charge of the school also say, to do so is to ensure the fairness of education, respect for each student, and offer them equal educational opportunities. The current status of parents worry about not giving the teacher "treat" their children should use school or teacher’s opportunity, a knot to send teacher or teacher "mind" is still a lot of parents, in the end of the debate was the gift of a hot topic of social concern. BYD reporter learned that the reason why many parents have such a psychological, is mainly influenced by the social ethos of the minority, think that the teacher will not appear "eccentric eye" if not gifts. Mr. Wang’s daughter read the first grade in Chaoyang District a nine year school, in order to let the children are just into the primary school classroom care, school soon after Mr. Wang came to the school, the teacher wants to get through the manner of giving recognition. He told reporters BYD: "in fact, my idea is very simple, just do not want to let her suffer." In order to give teacher gifts, Mr. Wang spent hours from various channels to inquire about what the teacher love, fear of his present teacher does not look, he even to the area where the other school in the school’s parents learn, hope to get a satisfactory answer. "The final contact for a long time, the result is the teacher who absolutely do not accept any form of gifts, the teacher understand our parents carefully, the school official reply to us, will be treated equally and pay attention to every child, no special care is not allowed." Mr. Wang told reporters that byd. Measures school posted a long letter holiday gift rejected fortune reiterated it is understood, including Chaoyang District experimental primary school, the primary school has several years of notices and send "to the parents of a letter" to reaffirm the requirements of the school. Yesterday morning, when the BMC reporter came to the Chaoyang District experimental primary school, the school Party branch secretary Hu Aiguo is at the school gate posted a notice, is prohibited parents give teachers gifts. He said that for this approach: "this is the school for many years to practice is Juan相关的主题文章: