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Beijing subway security survey: recruiters say there is no need to train screeners – China passenger Hello, welcome to take the subway in Beijing! For the safety of you and others, please take the initiative to accept and cooperate with security personnel to carry out safety checks. According to the "Beijing railway operator safety regulations" "Beijing city rail traffic prohibited articles list" of the relevant provisions of the prohibition of carrying firearms and ammunition, control equipment, flammable and other items restriction with bus stop. One point security, very safe……" Often take the subway passengers, certainly for having heard it many times on this passage. June 29, 2008, the eve of the Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing subway began to implement security. Today, the Beijing Olympic Games in the past few years, subway security habits have been retained. The recent meeting of the national social security comprehensive management innovation work conference stressed that to promote public transport and delivery of logistics enterprises to implement safety management responsibility, and effectively put the safety regulations and measures are in place. So, in the end to the extent of the subway security checks play the role of filtering dangerous goods? For the safe operation of the subway to provide what security? What are the loopholes and shortcomings that need to be improved? Reporter launched an investigation. Subway security, strict October 14th 8:40 in the morning, the reporters came to the Beijing Metro Line 1 station octagonal amusement park (four to Huidong) car, at this time, the morning rush hour has passed, not many people take the subway. Reporters noted that the entrance to the subway station next to write "please accept security" several characters. After entering the subway station, through the queue, the reporter came to the checkpoint. Octagonal amusement park station is a character with the inspection station, a total of two security points, each point is equipped with two security doors, security doors are divided into packet channel and no packet channel. Morning and evening peak, two security points simultaneously open, the other time only enabled the location of a security checkpoint. According to the reporter that will carry a backpack into the X machine (bag with a bottle of mineral water), and then through the gate. After the reporter picked up the backpack, no one asked to separate the package of mineral water or try to drink. Security door stood in front of a security guard, ready to stop the passengers to make a prompt: if someone with a package directly through the security door, suggesting that they should be checked bag. Through the security door, paste the ground on the ground, a few words. Two take the check of the screeners will remind passengers to accept personal checks. Screeners holding a metal detector in the reporter’s abdomen and waist swept a little later, all security procedures completed. After the security check, the reporter saw the walls on both sides of a variety of post announcement: "Beijing city rail traffic prohibited articles list" "Beijing railway operator safety regulations" and the content, prohibited from inflammable and explosive dangerous goods such as in tips. In order to understand the security status of each line is the same, the reporter from the Beijing subway line in each of the existing random selection of two and more sites for inspection. In line 1 Military Museum Station, the reporter found that the site is only for passengers to carry goods to check, do not check the body, the reporter took in the hands of mineral water, screeners did not ask for a trial相关的主题文章: