Beijing – VIDEO – Chongqing armed police camp flying qinzei won

Beijing – VIDEO – Chongqing armed police camp "flying qinzei won praise [comment] recently, some soldiers" flying qinzei "video spread on the Internet, by the users and the masses. Video monitor display, a man fled into the nearby residential garage hidden away in a woman’s apple 6S mobile phone, after months of waiting to be soldiers and two young men stopped and press the turn on the ground, the whole process only ten minutes. The street qinzei soldiers is the Chongqing armed police detachment of the seven fighter Lou Weikun. Monitoring showed that around eleven in the morning, in the vicinity of Nancheng Avenue Nan’an District bus station, a strange man while the victim Liu walking and playing mobile phone, apple 6S mobile phone in her hand away and fled into the nearby residential garage hidden. The same period [] (the victim Liu) so I took the mobile phone, mobile phone grab, and then I ran shouting, grab the mobile phone, robbed, robbed me of my mobile phone just run out, there are still people stopped, stopped it missed, he went to the garage and ran inside the. (witness the masses had MR) walk down, suddenly from behind her mobile phone robbed, robbed after went into the garage, and then I will go back to the bar, not stopped, then went to a lot of people, a lot of people gathered in this place (garage door). [comment] is near the waiting Lou Weikun heard the cry, immediately ran past the inquiry, and the surrounding terrain were observed, that the garage only two of exports, and exports have been a mass block, Lou Weikun and two young people to another export guard, to prevent the suspect to escape. (Chongqing Armed Police Corps detachment of seven soldiers Lou Weikun) I went there, heard someone shout, and then quickly come here, to ask what the situation, asked after they are said to have robbed, and I was in the garage the export position, then in the squat. (the victim Liu) when he (the suspect) went to the garage to go inside, I asked the security here has a few exports, he said only two, that there is a exit, and then I came to see, the export have run out, I’m here to see the three young guys in here and have kept. [commentary] eleven ten or so, the suspect relax vigilance, he tried to escape out of the garage. Found the suspect after waiting for a long time, Lou Weikun rushed to the first time, in an instant the suspect attempts to cross the road, it will stop and press the turn on the ground. [the same period] (Chongqing Armed Police Corps detachment seven soldiers Lou Weikun) when he ran from that position, and then heard the crowd shouting that he is he. Then I rushed to the spot, ran to the middle of the road, chased him, and caught him. [comment] later, two young squat together with Lou Weikun quickly stepped forward to help the suspect uniforms, and handed over to the police arrived and disposal. Only ten minutes captured the suspect, police guy in praise of the masses. (eye path相关的主题文章: