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Ben Trump admitted that "Obama born" – Sohu news September 16th, Trump held a campaign rally, for the first time publicly acknowledged the incumbent president Obama was born in the United states. Figure IC eastern United States Republican presidential candidate Donald 16 to give up on the previous president of the United States, said Barack was not born in the United States, "assertion", and finally admitted that the birth of the native of the United States was born on the other side of the world, and so on, on the other hand, the president of the United States and the United States,. According to the Xinhua news agency to blame Hilary for the "rumor" over the past 5 years, Trump has asserted that America’s first African American president Obama was not born in the United states. Even after Obama’s birth certificate, Trump also broke the news that the birth certificate forged". However, Trump 16, suddenly changed, admitted that Obama is a native americans. Barack President Obama was born in the United states. (that’s all), "Trump said." now let’s go back to making America stronger and stronger." In just 30 seconds, Trump did not explain what prompted him to change his mind, did not apologize to Obama. Surprisingly, Mr Trump turned to blame the Democratic rival, Hilary, for the first time in 2008, when he ran for the presidency in". "Hilary and his campaign team, in 2008, concocted a dispute about the birth of Obama, and now I’m ending the controversy," said Mr. You know what I mean." Trump said. However, The Associated Press, such as a number of media combing Hilary’s position over the years, have not found evidence. The Democratic National Committee responded the same day, Trump denounced "have the face out of a new lie". The media is playing free publicity for its attention is that Trump’s 16 public activities, causing dissatisfaction with the u.s.. The United States media to "gamesmanship" (although the use of the game is not bright but not foul method) the word to describe the day was Trump playing with helpless. It turned out that Trump 15 to accept the Washington Post interview, was asked about the birth of the place of the birth of Obama, but he refused to show the position. Trump said the team then leaked, Trump will be clear on the 16 day a public event. CNN (CNN), Fawkes, Microsoft news channel, NBC and many other TV stations was excited, decided to live. However, when the 16 day after the start of the event, Trump did not immediately speak, but arranged a large group of veterans in turn to speak in support of his presidential campaign. Because this is a live program, several mainstream television stations can not easily switch the lens, but this "Trump ads" lasted 20 minutes and not the end "". Twenty-first minutes, Fawkes shot the news channel unbearable, switch to the studio expert comments; the other two television later follow. Twenty-sixth minutes, Trump finally played, several TV stations quickly cut back to live. However, Trump published only 30 seconds to stand. These TV stations finally aftertaste: they are.相关的主题文章: