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Both men and women and small meat BMW X2 production version renderings from 2011 onwards, BMW will launch X2 to fill the X car vacancy rumors of a wave after wave, from the initial forecast to the concept car this year, people look forward to the BMW X2 even more than BMW’s own expectations. Recently, overseas media have drawn up a BMW X2 production version renderings, combining the imaginary map and spy photos before, we have to see that BMW X2 really looks like. Look at the following points, this paper is finished half: the 1 BMW X2 appearance is largely based on X2 concept car at the Paris auto show 2 BMW X2 with UKL precursor platform is the same with BMW X1 to build 3 power will be shared with X1, and were equipped with 1.5T 2.0T engine and BMW X2 renderings from the renderings, BMW X2 and the concept car, and did not run by X4 and X6 design of the fastback coupe, instead of using the traditional SUV type body, but its aggressive appearance is still very impact. The front lines depict gives X2 a pair of angry headlights, this ferocious feeling not only in concept car, also appeared in a production version of the renderings. BMW X2 rendering BMW X2 concept car 2016 Paris auto show released! The tail of the other and before the imaginary map differ, the rendering is closer to the X2 concept car at the Paris auto show, from the rear bumper design to the rear of the BMW Logo C column are preserved, and the rear spoiler windshield above the map more than imaginary. TopSpeed draw BMW X2 imaginary figure, in addition, BMW X2 will be the same as X1 based on UKL precursor platform to build, and it is possible to share with X1 powertrain, gasoline, including 1.5T and 2.0T engines. The transmission part, will match the 8 speed automatic transmission, and provide two drive and four-wheel drive version of the model for your choice. Edit comment: in order to meet the needs of different consumers and gain more market share, more and more luxury brands released a new product to leisurely take the initiative in the new market segments in the past few years. The BMW X2 concept car is a stunning debut at the Paris auto show, the critically acclaimed, if the production version of X2 can do so without losing the quality of new in order to be different but, believe it will be a very successful work.相关的主题文章: