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Brussels will usher in the second session of China – European culture and Art Festival – International – October 8 Brussels Xinhua (reporter Ren Yan) the evening of 6, China – European culture and Art Festival Executive Committee held a press conference at the EU headquarters in Brussels, announced that the second session of Chinese – EU cultural Art Festival is held in Brussels, where Strasbourg and other EU institutions, activities for a period of 3 months. China – European culture and Art Festival Executive Committee co chair Juliet? Paterson told reporters that last year in a number of EU institutions held the first China – European culture and Art Festival, zero distance to the EU institutions show Chinese authentic culture and art, especially good response. Many employees of the European Union through the exhibition, performance, interaction and other colorful activities of the Chinese culture has a strong interest, but also a deeper understanding of china. In order to further promote bilateral cultural exchanges and enhance the friendship between the people, the China EU cultural and Arts Festival is held every year. 2016 is the Fifth China EU relations ten years of the start of the year, to promote China EU cultural exchanges, promote the interaction between the two civilization and friendship, China EU Cultural Festival Organizing Committee was formally established at the EU headquarters in Brussels, to establish a normalization mechanism of China EU cultural exchanges. It is reported that the second session of the European Union China Cultural Festival is a series of exciting activities, form and content include exhibitions, music, drama, dance, movies, documentaries and cultural lectures (Master Class) and cultural seminars, to fully demonstrate the Chinese culture and art, contemporary style China. China mission to the European Union counselor Zhou Bo introduced at a news conference, as the second China highlights EU culture and Art Festival, the second Brussels Chinese Film Festival will be held in Brussels flagey Cultural Arts Center from October 12th to 19, for the European audiences in recent years China the most representative of the wonderful film. In order to deepen China EU youth in film and television exchanges, jointly organized by the China missions in the EU and Brussels cultural center "the first Chinese EU Youth Film Festival" will be held in October 12th, 13 films by China outstanding college students and the Belgian National Visual Arts and communication technology college students are shooting. Continuous screening in the day time. By then, the Chinese youth film directors and production team will also visit the scene with the industry and the majority of the audience interaction. The press conference, Chinese – European culture and Art Festival Executive Committee Chairman of the European joint Shuya to read the European Parliament, the European "The Belt and Road" Cultural Tourism Committee Chairman of the Weihai Iraq sent messages of congratulation, he said, culture and art festival provides a platform for dialogue in European folk art festival, he hopes to carry out the two sides to further promote cultural exchanges, deepen mutual understanding. To celebrate this event of cultural exchanges between China and Europe, EU musicians in Brussels on the evening of 6 Chinese cultural center on Chinese and foreign music ensemble "op" and Mendelsohn’s "eight String Quartet", beautiful melody vivid interpretation of the music without borders, the spirit of harmony of Chinese and Western art. China)相关的主题文章: