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Buddy network flagship masterpiece "Wei Fan world" the first new version to watch Wei Fan play the world area throughout September, buddy network flagship masterpiece "Wei Fan world" in the way of updating all the way, launched a number of new gameplay, and based on the game player launched several rounds of intimate sound advice. So, in such a new push in the offensive, "Wei Fan hit the world," which brings us new gameplay new experience? Next, follow the footsteps of the buddy network, a see through Wei Fan hit the world, the first new version! Buddy network flagship masterpiece "Wei Fan world" — the first of the new version of the new version of the play a first look: the core characteristics of treasure system: the new PK plus weapon "Wei Fan hit the world" new treasure system on the hot line, which is PK! Treasure system, the player simply lit 10 stars in any of the 7 can successfully rise to the next level, and upgrade the treasures of the material, the player can also be obtained by killing any monster and mall. Here, the 8 treasures of 8 PK corresponding attributes, each ascending order can bring the corresponding attribute values increase as the percentage or game player: 1, increase the percentage of blood and blood: game player cap; 2, red urn: in PK, and bring additional damage reduction effects for 3, game player; heart: to upgrade numerical game player crit and burst free; 4, mellotron: Dodge attribute hits and 5, game player; Wang Zhong Ren: enhance the game player exceptional and blocking ability; 6, bloodthirsty pot: let game player has the ability to absorb enemy blood in the attack; 7, gossip: increase the game player rebound rate; 8, dragon Taiwan: enhance the game player attack speed. Buddy network flagship masterpiece "Wei Fan world" — the first of the new version of the new version of the play: first look two unified full service core features: "a war between Wei Fan Losers are always in the wrong. world" new play "dominate the whole service", with its conceal murderous lit all the game player of the blood, the ruling clan VS family in exile battle moments the trigger! Game: 1, every Wednesday, Saturday open city war after the end of the war, the city will have two inborn opposing force – the ruling family VS family in exile; 2, all the other family service automatically dissolved, all game player are required to join the ruling clan or family in exile; 3, the ruling family can get 2000 yuan every day bound treasure family the funds are available to the family boss for distribution, in addition to both the ruling or exile, each family will gather together a large number of warehouse equipment and skill book resources. 4, the ruling family boss will have three command privilege: gold dragon emperor horse skin, Santo Jersey behind, Nirvana overlord coercion. Buddy network flagship masterpiece "Wei Fan world" — the first of the new version of the new version of the play: three first look cross clothing trading center core features: the sale from the service area across the world "hit" Wei Fan building "special inter service trading center", broke the web game service area gap has been realized, inter service transfer of scarce resources the. In the trading center: 1, players can buy and sell, the purchase of scarce orange equipment to sell their own scarce resources can not be used; 2,.相关的主题文章: