Buy this several cars to keep a low profile are difficult large cars in four Auditions (video)

Buy this several cars to keep a low profile are difficult in four domestic large car auditions in the large car market before the three of Audi A6L (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), BMW 5 Series (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Benz E (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), but for consumers those who have "imported cars" complex, these have been made for many years, and have a large amount of models have been unable to meet their needs in a large car, this part of the user to find a vehicle imports, and not with others to reveal its unique taste. The recommended four cars may be able to meet this part of the consumer appetite, they are the Jaguar XF (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Cadillac CTS (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Lexus GS (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Volvo S90. Enjoy the ultimate driving experience to drive the new Jaguar XF – Jaguar XF a total of six cars, the price range of 51.80-80.80 million yuan preferential: some dealers offer cash discounts of up to 100 thousand. – Jaguar models: a new generation of XF (hereinafter referred to as XF) in the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show debut, and officially listed on the end of the year. A new generation of XF front face with a new family of Facebook, on the generation of mesh grille still retained. The XF dimensions were 4964mm× 1880mm× 1457mm, wheelbase 2960mm, size XF little difference with the previous generation, the wheelbase is a 51mm. It should be noted that the domestic version of the long wheelbase Jaguar XF has also been listed, and its wheelbase on the basis of the standard wheelbase XF increased by 140mm, the rear space is more spacious. Four types of imported large size car comparison models Cadillac CTS Jaguar XF Lexus GS Volvo S90 (mm) width (mm) and high (mm) (mm) XF by replacing the wheelbase of the new family of Facebook, mesh grille is preserved, the bottom of the front grille size is enlarged. The external configuration, based XF models equipped with xenon headlights, and radar and reversing video systems, high 2.0T and 3 four-wheel drive luxury edition S high performance version is also equipped with automatic steering function with LED headlights. XF six models respectively with three specifications of tyre and rim, all models of the tire on the motion performance of the Goodyear EAGLE series of F1 products, including 2.0T and 3 four-wheel drive luxury edition S high performance version used is 19 inch wheels and tires specifications for 24540 R19. XF interior styling quite a movement, but the overall style is not publicity, but more refined, surrounded by the console design to create a rich atmosphere of luxury. The 12.3 inch LCD dashboard will provide only the top models, but the rest of the car barrel type instrument + color LCD screen also has a good visual effect. Low allocation models using a machine equipped with 8 inch capacitive touch screen InControl car interconnected system, multimedia system with XF touch screen specifications will be upgraded to 10.2 inches, and can be used)相关的主题文章: