Bvlgari CLS source Carina Lau exclusive diamond free dialogue mentality aquaria

Bvlgari CLS source Carina Lau exclusive diamond free talks in France following the mentality of Saint Jean Kapp Ferla for the first time, bright appearance, Bvlgari BVLGARI Magnificent Inspirations a source of CLS senior jewelry series again in Beijing, as the Italian Fenghua world series, Bvlgari three big treasure – condensate extraction bold romantic Mediterranean Garden of Eden and the eternal classic Rome treasures series. Bvlgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, Mr. Bvlgari jewelry creative director Lucia MS Silvestri, general manager of Bvlgari China and Australia director Mr. Ping Xingtao, Bvlgari brand spokesperson Ms. Hsu Chi, Bvlgari senior jewelry Ambassador Ms. Carina Lau and other social celebrities, well-known media to visit the event, jointly back Bvlgari fine jewelry to the United States with the source. This time we had an exclusive interview to the brand of my friend Carina Lau, she wears the source of CLS senior jewelry series Divas’ Dream emerald necklace, earrings, between Le Magnifiche Creazioni and Serpenti Incantati sapphire ring hollow diamond platinum tourbillon, behavior, appearance and self-confidence are years fixed temperament and sparkling Bvlgari jewelry exactly matched into akira. Tencent fashion: today is Bvlgari’s senior jewelry show, what do you think women have to do with high quality jewelry? Carina Lau: I think women wear jewelry. Complete jewelry is a woman, a gesture is complete, you finished clothes to wear make-up Nongwan hair, wearing their own jewelry, without any words to introduce yourself, you see that you are probably a what kind of person. Tencent fashion: would you please comment on the jewelry you wear today? Carina Lau: today because I wear some color some emeralds, so I think with my dress, that feeling quite suitable for the peacock. Tencent are: Bvlgari is a national treasure of Italy, it is representative of Sicilian style style, that you sightseeing in Italy when there is what feeling? Which buildings are more impressive? Carina Lau: I like Italy very much. First of all, it’s a cultural history. Then I like the people of Italy Na, very warm, very love life, and then very friendly, friends and strangers are very warm, very friendly, like to share. So they eat a table, and then a lot of food is to everyone, unlike France, their own kind of food. Tencent fashion: what do you wear this piece of jewelry for women, or what you can share with friends? Carina Lau: I think every woman, every age may enjoy things that are not the same, I very love we Chinese, Asian emerald or jade jade, some recently. Maybe I’m really getting older. Because when I was young, I didn’t think it had anything to do with me. Tencent fashion: if you compare yourself to a jewel, you.相关的主题文章: