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Canon 5D4 dismantling: in fact, can also be smaller and lighter start with Canon’s latest EOS 5D Mark IV users, such as non really need to be repaired, I believe we do not want the new machine was opened. Want to look inside the camera? It is foreign leasing company Lensrentals camera will be a normal 5D Mark IV "dismember", in order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity, declared in advance, following by Chaiji professional maintenance staff, general user if disassemble itself, but will lose the warranty, you might not be able to smoothly reassemble the camera. In fact, Lensrentals is not the first time to disassemble and mirror, mirror the machine apart from the process, not only is the curiosity, the more important it is to understand the material, design and manufacturing machine mirror, to estimate the product reliability and durability. The EOS 5D Mark IV, said when they open the camera, the camera has found housing structure more closely than in the past, it was fixed by more screws, although the dismantling is more complex, but almost certainly 5D Mark IV body strength is very high, and the performance of anti dust and water drops on that would be better than the previous generation. The shell is made of magnesium alloy circuit board manufacturing screen for sensor signal processing due to the support of the touch screen, the camera’s LCD electronic control part than in the past to complex lensrentals and no complete removal of top part, so as not to affect the optical prism set etc.. The bottom part of the camera, according to said, 5D Mark IV bottom part of the metal than a lot of cameras to thick body, the structure is very strong. New GPS, WiFi and touch screen and other functions, the other is found in electronic parts, 5D Mark IV 5D Mark III than even 5DS series are much more complex, but on the other hand, they found the camera there is more space in the electronic parts, in other words, 5D Mark IV body was can design more fine and light, no significant changes, it may be only in order to maintain the 5D series has always been feeling. The main circuit board HDMI, USB and other terminals directly welded on the main circuit board, the price should be more expensive maintenance. Nothing is ever perfect, of course, the 5D Mark IV is no exception, Lensrentals pointed out that the camera will HDMI and USB terminal is directly welded on a main circuit board or will substantially increase the cost of maintenance (after all, the whole piece of the main floor to a replacement), recommended that users connect to HDMI or USB line, the camera to be gentle. The.相关的主题文章: