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"Captain Sally" changed into the last part file 12.9 annual accounts – large entertainment Sohu "Captain Sally" made posters changed files in December 9th Sohu entertainment news "Captain Sally" officially changed files will be fully open in the mainland in December 9, 2016, the film side also released a new schedule posters. In the wake of the November Hollywood blockbuster together of the war, "Captain Sally" as the last part of the account blockbuster finale debut, open the Lunar New Year stalls, showing a most wonderful drama the most shocking crash for a national audience. Adapted from the legendary captain Oscar winner for best director and the real experience of cooperating with "Captain Sally" this fall in the United States had two weeks after the release of the weekend box office champion, and won a good voice. Mention of captain Sally’s name in the United States is big. January 15, 2009, former U.S. Air Force pilot Chesley – Sally – Lun Lun, 1549 U.S. airlines flight from New York to fly to North Carolina. The Airbus A320-214 was in the process of climbing Canada geese hit, resulting in two engine flameout at the same time, the plane lost power. Sharon Berg confirmed can not reach anywhere near the airport after landing in the Hudson River were determined, finally in 208 seconds to save the 155 passengers and crew. "Captain Sally" is a thrilling process which will reproduce the audience the real disaster experience, mentality also follow the lens to feel the legendary captain. There are air crash elements and biographical color, so difficult to have a large natural master steering. This movie is twice won the Oscar Award for best director Clint Eastwood, fans were nicknamed "Mr. winter wood" after years of works constantly, "American sniper", "million dollar baby" and China audience is very familiar with "the bridges of Madison County" are written by him. Actor Tom Hanks is the national Hollywood actor, starred in "the true story of Agam", "Saving Private Ryan", "Philadelphia story" and other films of all time among the classic, is known to every family, and he is still holding two Oscar trophy winner. "Captain Sally" after the release, media have said that Hanks is expected with the film once again the impact of Oscar, the twentieth Hollywood Film Festival is early awarded the Tom Hanks Award for best actor in, certainly in the "Captain Sally" in virtuosity. Hollywood blockbuster year wrap up "the Swiss Air drama" visual effects have the reputation of the authority of the media "Hollywood reporter" had evaluated the film as "a vibrant film, is the professional and professional praise." After the release of the film in the North American audience to get "A" evaluation, many foreign media have said, "Captain Sally" will be this year’s popular film. The film not only released the first week in North America rushed to the top spot at the box office, is the smooth ascent of the global box office, the first weekend in the world with $45 million at the box office, the excellent quality and reputation. From the film can not only enjoy the wonderful crash scene, but also to feel the top Hollywood guide.相关的主题文章: