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Zheng Shuang will cooperate with Li Yifeng when he eats the meat! Get married to Hu Yanbin! – Sohu 奈幽

Zheng Shuang will cooperate with Li Yifeng when he eats the meat! Get married to Hu Yanbin! – Sohu yesterday, "Zheng Shuang" hot search again, and only because of eating meat! My dear aunt, I was still in hot search this morning…… You can’t wait to see that, look at the picture last night broadcast of "filial piety" whirlwind, Zheng Shuang and his father in the street to eat mutton string of good sweet Papa oh! Shuang dad also said, "you eat more meat is filial piety to me.""…… This also can be on the hot search, this net friend has to love dearly little cool…… As the "filial piety" in the whirlwind "cooking responsibility", Zheng Shuang has become the eyes of the audience in the "little gourmet", clever clever and a good cook, who does not love? Although the cooking skills are skilled, but the food is not big, small body of cool sister not only let Zheng dad fuck broken heart, but also let thousands of netizens have shouted small Shuang "eat more rice.""…… Netizens also said, "she was like this, my dad loves dearly."!" "My mother watched the show and said," I do not eat meat is the filial piety of the whole family……" Volume, Xiaobian I love cool sister 30 seconds…… Love net friend 31 seconds…… In fact, such fat, also very cute…… Some friends already could not bear, in the power to explode…… Hahaha, I’m going to eat kebab, and I’m going to have Zheng Shuang baked! Can only say, netizens and eat and cherish ah!   。。。 Yesterday, there are bloggers broke the bright sister and Li Yifeng cooperation, how do you see? "Little fox Xiang Ling Qi Tan" in love Tu Su brother, brother Yang Mi can love wine…… Then two people look forward to what time play scenes ah…… Unexpectedly, finally wait for you…… Since the Xiang Ling and Su Tu brother cooperation "Gu Jian", followed by Jing Bairan, Hawick Lau, Ma Tianyu, Yang Yang, Li Zhongshuo…… How do I think it’s Li Yifeng’s turn?! The two person cooperation is affirmative, just don’t know what to cooperate with Some people say "heirs", but Xiaobian is unlikely; some people say "August Weiyang", generally speaking, the most likely; and was said to be "warm" hyun…… Oh, look at the netizens carefully do the map, you know how much expectations of this pair of cp! What cooperation is not important, important, Xiang Ling can finally and brother together, Su tu! But this is not a hundred percent sure, so they don’t spray spray, please wait for the official propaganda! Then, Xiao Bian will bring you a heavy bomb…… Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin are really getting married this time!!! Evidence: and the wedding was in March? Isn’t Wuli really going to marry Hu Yanbin?…… There were rumors that Hu Yanbin and Zheng Shuang had broken up, but Wu Yanbin denied the news

郑爽吃完肉,就要和李易峰合作!和胡彦斌结婚啦!-搜狐   昨天“郑爽”又上热搜了,而且仅仅是因为吃肉!   我滴个亲姑啊,今早热搜竟还在……      知道你们迫不及待,先看看图吧      昨晚播出的《旋风孝子》里,郑爽和爸爸在街边吃羊肉串      好贴心的爸爸哦!      爽爸也说了“你多吃点肉就是孝敬我”……            这样也能上上热搜,这网友们得多心疼小爽啊……   作为《旋风孝子》中的“厨艺担当”,郑爽俨然已经成为了全国观众心目中的的“小小美食家”,乖巧伶俐又烧得一手好菜,谁不喜欢?   虽然料理技能娴熟,但食量不大、身体瘦小的爽妹子不光让郑爸爸操碎了心,也同时让万千网友纷纷呼喊小爽“多吃点饭”……         网友们还说了,   “她瘦成这样子,我爸都心疼!”   “我妈看了节目后说,我不吃肉才是对全家的孝顺……”      额,小编我心疼爽妹子30秒……心疼网友31秒……   其实,这样胖胖的,也挺可爱……      还有的网友已经忍不了了,体内的洪荒之力要爆发了……   哈哈哈,我也要吃烤羊肉串   而且我要吃郑爽烤的!         只能说,网友们且吃且珍惜啊!   。。。   昨天有博主爆料   爽妹子又要和李易峰合作了,你怎么看?      《古剑奇谭》里小狐狸襄铃喜欢屠苏哥哥,可屠苏哥哥喜欢杨幂……那时就期待两人什么时候再演对手戏啊……   没想到,终于等到你……         自从襄铃和屠苏哥哥合作完《古剑奇谭》,随后的井柏然、刘恺威、马天宇、杨洋、李钟硕……   怎么轮我觉得也应该轮到李易峰了吧!         两人合作是肯定的,就是不知道会合作啥?   有人说《继承者们》,但小编觉得不大可能;   有人说《八月未央》,综合来讲,这个可能性最大;   竟然还有人说是《温暖的铉》……呵呵呵   看看网友们精心做的图,就知道大家有多期待了这对cp了!         合作什么不重要,重要的是,襄铃终于可以和屠苏哥哥一起了哎!      但这也不能百分百确定,所以喷子们别喷,等待官宣好吗!      然后,小编又要给大家带来一个重磅炸弹……   郑爽和胡彦斌这次真的要结婚了!!!   证据:         而且婚礼在三月份?   难道wuli小爽真的要嫁给胡彦斌了吗……   此前有传言胡彦斌与郑爽分手,但吴彦斌否认了。当时情况是这样的:   被记者问及现在参加节目会不会耽误感情生活,胡彦斌直言:“工作归工作,感情归感情,不耽误。”而当记者直接问及是否已与郑爽分手时,胡彦斌委婉地表示:“我来参加这个节目,自然分得比较久,但守得也比较牢。”      继续追问是否近期会有婚讯公布时,胡彦斌明显有些招架不住的意思:“我觉得你们需要给大家一点时间,因为你知道中国人的传统,所以你们要给一个时间,不能说一下子就这样(结婚),太狠了。”   意思是要留悬念?   那为啥跨年又出来秀恩爱了!         跨年那天,胡彦斌在朋友圈发了一组图,并配文:努力不分时候,从未想过停歇,美好的2016,zao起来吧   胡彦斌发这个应该是要感谢2015年在他生命里出现的重要的人,最左边的图放大来看长这样,虽然没有大图,你们都知道是谁了吧      看来真的要准备婚礼了!   小编只能默默地祝福了      �������������� ��������������   →关注微信公众号:meimeida66520 了解更多女性资讯相关的主题文章:

Ample liquidity without fear of a short tune poised to hit 3000 points – Sohu Finance 长沙医学院是几本

Liquidity free without fear of short adjustment, A shares ready to shock 3000 points? After the financial Sohu experienced three consecutive trading days of the rally, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index Thursday finally ushered in a slight pullback, but the market turnover remained modest growth, the market sentiment for the short-term market outlook is still relatively optimistic, the stock is expected to continue to rebound in the short-term pullback after the trip. From the market all day long trend, undertake a few days before the rally, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index both slightly higher related stock movements, but the stock in the short-term profit taking pressure started down, the stock index has been buying hold up after a few degrees turned green, but late diving finally makes the market sentiment cool the main stock index, the two cities have received the green. Finally, the Shanghai index closed at 2862.89 points, down 4.45 points, or 0.16%, turnover of 230 billion 800 million yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10116.40 points, down 45.37 points, or 0.45%, turnover of 359 billion 800 million yuan; the gem index closed at 2190.91 points, down 24.43 points, or 1.10%, turnover of 96 billion 100 million yuan. Two cities traded 590 billion 600 million yuan, compared with the previous trading day increased by 20 billion yuan, the city’s two day total net outflow of 370 million yuan. Judging from the plate, 4, building materials, industrial estate, graphene, the central enterprises reform overall sector gainers, while Beidou navigation, augmented reality, military and other sectors are larger pullback. Two city daily limit, the number of shares fell to 71, there are 3 stocks appear limit. A private equity fund said, in 3 consecutive trading days after the rebound, the hot market conversion rate began to accelerate significantly, the difficulty of operation of investors started to increase, coupled with short-term profit on some cash, the market appears the adjustment is normal, in the short term liquidity more comfortably under the background of stock index in the post adjustment should be there is still upward momentum to continue, this point from the stock index callback but the volume is still slightly increase can be reflected, is expected in the "NPC and CPPCC" before the market operation can still maintain, investors can actively adjust the holding gains. Shenwan Hong securities Strategy Analyst Xie Weiyu believes that the same A stocks as a whole is much shorter than the sky, long slow bear point of view, the thesis is the verification of the rebound in February, is expected to rebound to "NPC and CPPCC" before and after the rebound height in the region of 3200 points. The devaluation of the renminbi, to tighten monetary policy concerns is the main cause of decline in January, and the repair period at the two levels of market risk appetite after excessive pessimism, the core logic is that the devaluation of the renminbi rebound pressure, relax monetary policy marginal bring liquidity improvement stage, coupled with the rise in global risk appetite, as well as in the steady growth and tax cuts? And is expected to reform. In addition, investors’ positions are not high, there is still room for opening, and the money making effect is expected to improve the motivation of off-site funds access. But long-term contradictions still exist, to face the reality, the switch is the biggest pattern of cattle and bear. Worries about coordinated management still plague the market, and medium and long term liquidity can hardly be optimistic. Shen Hongyuan Securities believes that when the market risk appetite rise, the theme of investment is expected to get excess returns. The new economic theme of high resilience is still the first choice, including the first one

流动性宽裕无惧短调 A股蓄势冲击3000点?-搜狐财经   经历连续三个交易日的反弹之后,沪深两市股指周四终于迎来了小幅回调,不过市场成交量仍维持小幅增长态势,使得市场情绪对于短期后市走势仍较为乐观,股指有望在短期回调之后继续反弹之旅。  从市场全天的走势来看,承接前几个交易日的涨势,沪深两市股指双双小幅高 相关公司股票走势 开,但股指在短线获利盘的打压之下开始冲高回落,股指在几度翻绿之后都被买盘托起,但尾盘时的跳水终于使得市场人气降温,两市主要股指纷纷收绿。  上证指数最后报收2862.89点,下跌4.45点,跌幅0.16%,成交2308亿元;深成指报收10116.40点,下跌45.37点,跌幅0.45%,成交3598亿元;创业板指数报收2190.91点,下跌24.43点,跌幅1.10%,成交961亿元。两市全天成交5906亿元,较上一交易日再增200亿元,两市全天资金合计净流出3.7亿元。  从板块表现来看,建材、工业4.0、地产、石墨烯、央企改革等板块整体涨幅居前,而北斗导航、增强现实、军工等板块则回调幅度较大。两市涨停个股家数降至71家,有3只个股出现跌停。  一位私募基金人士表示,在连续3个交易日反弹之后,市场热点转换速度开始明显加快,使得投资者操作难度开始加大,再加上一些短线获利盘开始兑现,市场此时出现调整也是正常的,在短期流动性较为宽裕的背景下,股指在调整后应该仍有继续上行的动能,这一点从股指回调但成交量仍小幅增加中可以得到体现,预计在“两会”以前市场的操作性仍可保持,投资者可积极调整持股获取收益。  申万宏源证券策略分析师谢伟玉等则认为,A股整体短多长空、长期慢熊观点不变,2月反弹的论断正在验证,有望反弹至“两会”前后,反弹高度在3200点区域。对人民币贬值、货币政策收紧的担忧是1月下跌的主因,而目前处二级市场风险偏好过度悲观之后的修复期,反弹核心逻辑在于人民币贬值压力减轻,货币政策边际放松带来流动性阶段性改善,加上全球风险偏好上升,以及中?稳增长和减税、改革的预期。此外,投资者仓位不高,尚有加仓空间,而赚钱效应有望提高场外资金进场的动机。但长期矛盾仍在,要正视现实,牛熊切换是最大的格局。对于协调管理的担忧仍困扰市场、中长期流动性难言乐观。  申万宏源证券认为,当大盘风险偏好上升时,主题投资有望取得超额收益。高弹性的新经济主题依然是首选,方向包括一直推的军工、服务业,还有超跌的TMT包括数字货币。VR AR有望成为领涨品种,长期可能改变消费和生产业态、空间大,持续有催化,一级市场估值提升、新品新应用有望不断推出,将刺激二级市场的神经;前期超跌的计算机类主题有望修复估值,中期尤其看好政府鼓励、增速最快的云计算大数据;短期关注 Pay催化的移动支付;教育板块也发生了深刻变化,去年底修改教育法和高等教育法后,允许高等教育特别是职业教育盈利和证券化,期待政策催化和民资进入。  作者:张志斌来源一财网)相关的主题文章:

Ugg gradually lost heat, single product growth slowed down, fell into the battle of trademark use ri 大丑风流记第二部

UGG gradually lose heat single product slowdown into the right to use the trademark battle to open stores and expand the category did not work after the explosion of UGG problem paragraph era with the cold weather, the mall began on the shelves of winter boots. Compared with a few years ago burst fire state, UGG boots from North America snow boots brand performance significantly cold. Poor sales led to a decline in revenues of more than two digits in the brand’s parent company. Although the company did not disclose the specific performance of China’s region, but as the most important market in UGG, there are sales personnel reflect, in 2015 accelerated store expansion and product diversification attempt little effect. In order to win the market with comfort, how to cultivate long-term consumer power is the focus of attention for the industry in UGG. UGG single product growth slowdown is similar to "hole shoe" Crocs, relying on the star effect and fashion trend popular UGG, after the explosion of fire encountered brand winter. Recently, UGG parent company of American outdoor sports apparel company Deckers released the first quarter of 2017 earnings, all brands of its sales have appeared two digit decline. Total sales of 174 million euros, compared with the same period last year, 214 million euros, down 18.4%, operating loss of $78 million 300 thousand, compared with the same period last year, 63 million 700 thousand U.S. dollars, the loss increased. As the flagship brand of Deckers performance, UGG’s sales were $91 million 900 thousand, nearly 20% lower than $115 million in the same period last year. Last year, the profits of UGG parent company also plummeted, which is closely related to the slowdown in UGG growth. In the case of poor development of other brands, last year’s UGG revenue increased by only 2.1%, it is difficult to pull the group’s performance growth. Focusing on the Chinese market, UGG’s brilliance has gradually lost its popularity. Beijing Chinese Commercial Daily reporter visited a number of UGG outlets outlets in Beijing, found that although there are a lot of guests linger to choose, but the actual purchase of UGG snow boots few guests. "Snow boots" and "UGG", these two concepts are not synchronized infusion to consumers. Before 2008 Chinese entered the market, UGG copycat goods already can be found everywhere." Zhao Peiru, an analyst in the apparel industry, said. In fact, UGG does not refer specifically to a boot brand in Australia. It is actually a generic name for sheepskin boots. UGG, as a representative brand of snow boots, has been sought after by young consumers since entering china. "Just like buying a pair of sneakers, you’ll want to buy Nike, and buying a pair of UGG boots comes from the same consumer mentality. But unlike sports shoes, UGG is very similar in style, it is difficult to buy a pair of shoes after buying second pairs of desire." Some consumers express to Beijing business daily reporter. Second spring layout hit trademark war as the most important producer of UGG products, China is becoming the top priority of UGG layout. In order to curry favor with consumers, since 2013, UGG has produced specific products for the Chinese market, which has never been treated in other markets. Among them, the number of stores to open

UGG逐渐丧失热度单品增速放缓 陷入商标使用权之战   增开门店及扩品类未奏效   后爆款时代的UGG难题   随着天气转冷,商场里的冬靴也开始摆上货架。与几年前的爆火状态不同,来自北美的雪地靴品牌UGG业绩明显遇冷。销售不佳导致该品牌母公司收入出现两位数以上的下滑。虽然该公司未公布中国地区的具体业绩,但是作为UGG最重要的市场,有销售人员反映,2015年加速扩店和产品多样化尝试效果甚微。在以舒适度博得市场后,如何培养恒久的消费动力,是业内对于UGG的关注重点。   UGG单品增速放缓   与“洞洞鞋”Crocs相似,依靠着明星效应和时尚风潮走红的UGG在爆火之后遭遇了品牌的冬天。近日,UGG母公司美国户外运动服饰公司Deckers发布2017年一季度财报,旗下所有品牌的销售均出现了两位数的下跌。总体销售额为1.74亿欧元,相比去年同期的2.14亿欧元,下跌18.4%,营业亏损为7830万美元,相比去年同期6370万美元,亏损幅度有所增加。而作为Deckers业绩支撑的旗舰品牌 UGG的销售额为9190万美元,比去年同期的1.15亿美元下滑了近20%。去年全年,UGG母公司的利润也出现了暴跌,这与UGG的增长放缓密切相关。在其他品牌发展不良的情况下,去年UGG的收入全年增幅仅有2.1%,难以拉动集团的业绩增长。   将眼光聚焦在中国市场,UGG曾经的辉煌也在逐渐丧失热度。北京商报记者走访了北京多家UGG奥特莱斯店面后发现,尽管店内有多位客人流连挑选,但实际购买UGG雪地靴的客人寥寥无几。   “雪地靴和UGG,这两个概念并不是同步灌输给消费者的。在2008年进入中国市场之前,UGG的山寨货已经俯拾皆是。”服装行业分析师赵培如是表示。实际上,UGG在澳洲并不特指某一靴子的品牌,它其实是羊皮靴子的统称。而UGG作为雪地靴的代表品牌,在进入中国后,受到了以年轻人为主的消费者的追捧。“就像买一双运动鞋会想要买Nike一样,买一双UGG的雪地靴是出于同样的消费心理。但与运动鞋不同的是,UGG的款式十分相似,很难在买了一双鞋后有买第二双的欲望。”有消费者向北京商报记者表示。   第二春布局碰上商标战   作为UGG产品最主要生产国,中国正在成为UGG布局的重中之重。为了讨好消费者,2013年开始UGG就已经为中国市场生产特定产品,这是别的市场都不曾有过的待遇。其中,增开门店数量是中国战略之一,光是2014年9月就有6家实体店在中国开业,而去年整年有超过30家门店开业。同时,UGG也扩充了自身的产品品类,推出新的鞋款和仅在官网上售卖的高档家居产品,希望能吸引到更多消费者。   在北京地区的奥特莱斯门店,UGG新推出的草编凉鞋、豆豆鞋等产品,和雪地靴遭遇了同样的尴尬。奥特莱斯的一名销售人员告诉北京商报记者,今年豆豆鞋还有近万双的未销库存,能否消化还是个未知数。   在多元化扩张受阻的同时,UGG目前还陷入了商标使用权之战:作为“UGG”的“持有者”,UGG的母公司Deckers曾于1999年在美国、中国及欧洲等地将“UGG Australia”成功注册成为商标。但澳大利亚悉尼雪地靴制造商Australian Leather Pty早于20世纪90年代就开始生产雪地靴,且在商标上与UGG几乎完全相同。UGG认为,Australian Leather Pty的产品涉嫌侵犯自己拥有的UGG商标权益,并将之告上法庭。值得注意的是,澳洲品牌的UGG正随着海淘渠道的发展而被中国消费者所接触并认可,由于产品同质化过于严重,这对于UGG来说也是不小的压力。   时髦不是万金油   UGG的发展路径让人很容易联想到洞洞鞋Crocs卡骆驰,作为某一段时间的潮流带动起来的消费品,和Crocs卡骆驰一样,UGG也存在着自身的生命周期,短期的时髦难以成为恒续品牌光环的“万金油”。“这两个品牌的相似还在于,二者在产品的初期阶段强调的都是舒适。但是这种舒适度的高低,对于消费者来说其实不是最敏感的,消费者考虑的首要要素依然是价格。千元价位的UGG和百元价位的其他品牌的雪地靴,在舒适度上不分伯仲的情况下,性价比高的就成为了首选。”赵培表示。   为了提高产品的性价比,UGG也在做出努力。去年8月,UGG宣布协调全球价格,秋季系列首先在中国和欧洲有每双 10%左右的降幅。一款原价2000元的短靴降价后售卖1480元。   “所有的雪地靴产品生产商都面临着这样的困境,核心产品的季节属性很强。为了弱化这种季节属性,不少雪地靴厂商在淡季也研发一些单鞋,例如豆豆鞋、乐福鞋等,但那也只能保证淡季不亏损,根本谈不上盈利。”国内一家雪地靴生产商的相关人员告诉北京商报记者,对于UGG这样的行业大品牌来说,新的产品如果想要实现盈利,就必须抛弃一直以来偏重舒适感、缺乏设计的调性,或以开设副线的方式,跳出消费者的固有认知,这也能尽可能地摆脱山寨产品的追逐。但无论在全球范围内,抑或是在中国市场,要树立起UGG的全新形象绝非易事。   北京商报记者 方彬楠 王潇立 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

People’s daily talk about monkey prices will jump high speculation real thinking 北京科技大学国际学院

People’s daily on the year of the monkey house will jump up high: real estate speculation to think China prices will jump high in the year of the monkey "(MarketWatch) spike independent demand can be difficult to reproduce this reporter Wang Junling shot the monkey about to ring the bell, the parties concerned to the property market. Not long ago, released China Index Academy 100 city price index shows that in January the new national 100 city residential average price of 11026 yuan per square meter, up 0.42%, or 0.32 percentage points last month narrowed; but rose 4.37% year on year, or 0.22 percentage points last month to expand. Analysts pointed out that, in the favorable policy of "warm air frequency blow", the residents of the consumer demand is orderly release, but the high property market inventory, housing prices differentiation pattern is difficult to change in the short term. Since demand is released according to the Convention, before the Spring Festival is usually the policy of "window period", but this month the purchase Shoufu policy adjustment but let many people of monkey property "to stock market is full of expectations. According to the central bank and the CBRC’s new policy, in the implementation of the restriction measures in the city, residents families for the purchase of ordinary housing commercial housing loans to individuals, in principle, the minimum down payment ratio of 25%, down 5 percentage points over the floating; to have 1 sets of housing and home loans outstanding residents the family, the purchase of ordinary housing to improve the living conditions of re apply for commercial housing loans to individuals, to adjust the minimum down payment ratio is not less than 30%. Reporters simply forget it, if not limited to buy a city a total 1629 2 million yuan house, then the down payment will be reduced from 500 thousand yuan to 400 thousand yuan; and the first suite of loans did not settle the people, if you want to buy this house, down payment can be reduced from 800 thousand yuan to 600 thousand yuan. Minsheng Bank chief researcher Chinese Wen Bin said last year, "3.30 new" and the "9.30 new" in resolving the property to the inventory plays a certain role, but at the same time, the property market differentiation, trading volume first-tier cities began active, prices are rising faster, and the 234 line of the city’s housing prices are still low. He believes that in the Spring Festival when many people go home to visit relatives, to reduce the threshold of mortgage, is conducive to promoting the release of home-based demand. The pattern of differentiation is temporarily difficult to break, although the demand for self preservation is constantly released, but the local property market is still "ice and snow"". Statistics show that in the past year, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other hot city have larger gains, of which Shenzhen is a 44.98% annual increase in contrast, disdain for the national; Fuzhou, Sanya, Hohhot and other places prices fell significantly compared to the same period last year. Beijing Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Economic Research Director Yang Song said in an interview with this reporter, the property market differentiation of a large part of the reason is that many of the three or four line of the city real estate development too fast, causing the prices in the "concept" "blueprint" under the support of suit up, the internal supply but in fact these places can provide employment opportunities the development of space and public services did not match the prices now, prices fall is a rational regression. "The same house, why in three or four?"

人民日报谈猴年房价会否蹿高:投机炒房要三思   中国房价猴年会否“蹿高”(市场观察)   暴涨暴跌难再现 自主需求可出手   本报记者 王俊岭   猴年钟声即将敲响,各方关注楼市走向。不久前,中国指数研究院发布的百城价格指数显示,1月份全国100个城市新建住宅平均价格为11026元 平方米,环比上涨0.42%,涨幅较上月收窄0.32个百分点;而同比则上涨4.37%,涨幅较上月扩大0.22个百分点。分析人士指出,在各项利好政策的“暖风频吹”之下,居民自住型消费需求正在有序释放,但楼市库存高企、房价分化的格局却难以在短期内改变。   自住需求正在释放   按惯例,春节前通常是政策的“空窗期”,但本月初购房首付政策的调整却让不少人对猴年楼市的“去库存行情”充满期待。   根据央行和银监会的最新政策,在不实施“限购”措施的城市,居民家庭首次购买普通住房的商业性个人住房贷款,原则上最低首付款比例为25%,各地可向下浮动5个百分点;对拥有1套住房且相应购房贷款未结清的居民家庭,为改善居住条件再次申请商业性个人住房贷款购买普通住房,最低首付款比例调整为不低于30%。   记者简单算了一下,如果在不限购城市一套总房款200万元的房子,那么首付款将从50万元降低至40万元;而首套房贷未结清的人如果想买这套房子,首付则可从80万元降至60万元。   中国民生银行首席研究员温彬表示,去年“3.30新政”以及“9.30新政”在化解楼市去库存上起到了一定的作用,但同时楼市有所分化,一线城市的交易量开始活跃,房价也上涨较快,而二三四线城市的房价却依然低迷。他认为,在很多人春节回乡探亲的时候降低房贷门槛,有利于促进自住型需求的释放。   分化格局暂难打破   尽管自住型需求不断释放,但各地楼市却依旧“冰火两重天”。统计显示,过去的一年中,北京、上海、深圳、南京等热点城市均有较大涨幅,其中深圳更是以44.98%的年度涨幅傲视全国;相比之下,福州、三亚、呼和浩特等地的房价相比去年同期则明显收跌。   北京市社科院经济研究所所长杨松在接受本报记者采访时表示,楼市分化很大一部分原因在于不少三四线城市房地产开发过快,造成其房价在“概念”“蓝图”的支撑下跟风上涨,但事实上这些地方所能提供的就业机会、发展空间、公共服务等内在供给却并没有与房价相匹配,如今房价下跌是一种理性回归。   “同样是房子,为何在三四线城市的售价就和一二线城市有天壤之别呢?这背后反映的是不同地区房屋可替代性较差。不久前,芬兰坦佩雷大学专门就欧洲二线城市的发展发布了一份报告,其中反映出很多西方国家重视二三线城市发展的理念,这很值得我们借鉴。如果在中国做强一批二三线城市,其对一线城市的替代性就会提高,一线城市‘高房价’与三四线城市‘高库存’并存的问题就会相应缓解,房地产市场就会更加健康。”杨松分析。   投机炒作三思后行   各地房价冷暖不一,市场各方对于猴年楼市的表现也是预测迥异。上海易居房地产研究院副院长杨红旭表示,2016年政策面保持宽松已成定局,二三线城市的市场很可能出现弱复苏,一线和部分强二线城市则仍将保持较强态势。相比之下,同策咨询研究部总监张宏伟则认为,大多数大中城市仍然面临较大的去库存压力,楼市基本面并没有实质性改变,未来楼市仍然会面临阶段性调整。   “2016年楼市整体会以稳为主、略有下降,不会暴涨暴跌。由于中国目前仍然处于降息通道之中,贷款成本将会徘徊在低位,因此对于自住型刚需来说,可以考虑在今年下半年适时出手,但对于投机炒房者而言就要三思而后行了。”杨松表示。   杨松进一步分析指出,尽管房屋具有商品属性,但由于对百姓的生活质量影响很大,因此其不同于一般商品。   近年来,一方面政府加大了对“保障房”“廉租房”的建设和供应力度,刚需问题有所缓解;另一方面,社会也意识到了房地产畸形发展对经济的危害,而且客观上中国整体房价仍处于较高水平,因此继续炒作获利的空间已经不大。   来源:人民日报 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

News Hong Kong stocks rebound index opened 1.91% 梧州学院教务系统登录

News: Hong Kong stocks rebound index opened 1.91% hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through market mechanism level2 cards Sina Finance News February 15th news the fed further rate hike the opportunity to decline, so that the decline in the dollar intensified, the euro and the yen the surge in emerging market currencies and stock market advantage. Opening today, Hong Kong stocks opened higher HSI 1.91%, 18668.871 point. The state-owned enterprise index opened higher by 2.16%, at 7667.351 points. Red chip index opened 1.64%, at 3305.270 points. Galaxy Entertainment rose 3.44% to HK $24.05. Blue chip. Insurance stocks rose, China Ping An rose 2.61%, China Life rose 2.33%. Oil stocks picked up, CNOOC rose 2.94%, Sinopec rose 2.43%, China’s oil rose 2.22%. Although the European stock markets on Friday have rebounded sharply, so many investors feel able to breathe a sigh of relief, but most of them think that global bigwigs decline unfinished, the next situation is not optimistic. JP Morgan chase asset management global strategist AlexDryden said, the market began to reflect the United States in the next 12 to 18 months will enter a recession, when the global central bank will be how to deal with global economic stagnation has become an uncertain factor, driving investors hedge. Merrill Lynch forecast on Friday will be the S & P 500 index value is reduced by 2200, reduced to 2000 points, although more than 1864.78 points on Friday and 7% of the increase, but still means that the S & P 500 index fell for two years, is the Internet bubble burst in 2001 after the first time. The bank believes that the "extreme" decline before the target is difficult to achieve, and liquidity shortage may lead to a short-term decline in the risk of significant. Citibank said in a report, the financial markets are already pricing for its, make heralded as the global recession, many large institutional investors and speculators are beginning to make bearish market, "de risk" intensified. Citigroup believes that at this stage it is difficult to predict when the market will end. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

快讯:港股回暖 恒指高开1.91% 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 2月15日消息 联储局进一步加息机会下降,令到美元跌势加剧,欧元和日圆急升,局面对新兴市场货币及股市有利。今日开盘,港股恒指高开1.91%,报18668.871点。国企指数高开2.16%,报7667.351点。红筹指数高开1.64%,报3305.270点。   银河娱乐涨3.44%,报24.05港元。领涨蓝筹。   保险股大涨,中国平安涨2.61%,中国人寿涨2.33%。石油股回暖,中海油涨2.94%,中国石化涨2.43%,中国石油涨2.22%。   尽管上周五欧美股市都出现大幅反弹,让不少投资者感觉可以喘一口气,但全球大佬们多数都认为跌势未完,接下来形势还不容乐观。   摩根大通资产管理环球策略员AlexDryden称,市场开始反映美国未来12至18个月将步入衰退,届时全球央行将如何应对环球经济停滞成为了不明朗的因素,驱使投资者避险。   美银美林则在上周五将标准普尔500指数的预测值降低了,由2200点降低至2000点,虽然比上周五的1864.78点还有7%的升幅,但仍意味着标准普尔500指数连续下跌两年,是2001年互联网泡沫破灭后的首次。该行认为,“极端”的跌势令之前的目标难以达到,而流动性不足可能将导致短期还有大幅下滑的风险。   花旗银行发布报告称,金融市场已用其定价方式,为全球衰退做出预示,不少大型机构投资者和投机人士都开始看淡市场,令“去风险化”情况加剧。花旗认为,现阶段难以预测市场何时跌完。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

the application of virtual reality focuses on games and movies. Essence securities analyst pointed out that 无心之过的意思

5G supports all things Internet communications industry usher in the "smart" opportunities Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Wang Rong in February 24th, the millet in the mobile world congress released a new millet 5, overseas media reports, millet, TCL, OPPO, HUAWEI and other mobile phone China shine, even overshadowed the traditional mobile phone giant Samsung and LG. Smart phone reflects the development of China Mobile communications industry." Brokerage analysts pointed out that, after years of development, technology gap between Chinese and foreign enterprises is narrowing, especially the new generation of mobile communication technology 5G, China is taking part in 5G international standards research, technical experiments, for commercial foundation in 2020. Virtual reality gradually into mass production era, virtual reality (VR) has become a hot spot in the world mobile communications conference, Samsung and Facebook announced the establishment of virtual reality social application research and development team, LG, HTC and other manufacturers also released VR display devices. Domestic manufacturers, ZTE released a variety of new products, and announced plans for the future of VR. TCL officially released the annual flagship IDOL4 series of new products IDOL4 and IDOL4S, in which IDOL4 equipped with VR experience. It is worth noting that, VR has become a new field of A shares listed companies in transition, since December 2015, there are more than 50 A-share companies disclose A involved in the VR industry chain. Hardware support, content production and the establishment of industrial chain investment fund are the mainstream ways for these companies to test water VR. Shun Securities pointed out that boost domestic technology giants will make VR display equipment gradually into the production era, taking into account the virtual reality products HTC and Sony are in the year on sale, and intelligent mobile phone hardware technology and the content of ecological pattern in the intelligent mobile phone era has accumulated, will accelerate the arrival of the era of virtual reality. However, VR needs more software support. At present, the application of virtual reality focuses on games and movies. Essence securities analyst pointed out that, after a year of development, the virtual reality content quality is getting higher and higher, so as to enhance the product experience. Traditional television, concerts, sports events and other content platform, have begun to embrace the virtual reality quickly. "In the business, tourism, education, medical and other industries, virtual reality is rapidly penetrating."." Shun securities analyst pointed out that the virtual reality is not only connected to the people and the real world, but also the connection of social attributes of people and people. Virtual reality "display" technology is becoming more and more diverse, including projection, eyes, VR, holographic projection, HUD and other technologies, come in. At present, smart phones for virtual reality in hardware innovation and content platform innovation to lay a good foundation, it is expected that the smartphone five years to go through the growth path, in the virtual reality era three years can be achieved. Besides the VR technology, driverless cars, smart city and internet medical innovation are also the highlights of the World Conference on mobile communications, and the supporters of these applications are Internet of things. On China 5G支撑万物互联 通信产业迎“智能”机遇 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   □本报记者 王荣   2月24日,小米在世界移动通信大会上发布了新品小米5,海外媒体报道称,小米、TCL、OPPO、华为等中国手机大放光彩,光芒甚至盖过了传统手机巨头三星和LG。“智能手机折射中国移动通信产业的发展。”券商分析师指出,经过多年的发展,中外企业技术差距正在缩小,尤其是新一代移动通信技术5G,我国正参与5G的国际标准研究、技术实验,为2020年商用打基础。   虚拟现实渐入量产时代   虚拟现实(VR)成为本届世界移动通信大会的一个热点,三星与facebook宣布成立虚拟现实社交应用研发团队,LG、HTC等厂商也发布了VR显示设备。国内厂商方面,中兴通讯发布多款新品,并公布面向未来的VR计划。TCL正式发布年度旗舰IDOL4系列新品IDOL4及IDOL4S,其中IDOL4配备了VR体验。   值得注意的是,VR也成为一些A股上市公司转型的新领域,2015年12月以来,已有逾50家A股公司披露涉足VR产业链。硬件配套、内容生产以及成立产业链投资基金是这些公司目前试水VR的主流方式。   安信证券指出,国内外科技巨头的助推将促使VR显示设备逐渐步入量产时代,考虑到HTC和Sony的虚拟现实产品均在今年发售,并且智能手机硬件技术和内容生态模式都在智能手机时代获得了积累,虚拟现实时代会加速到来。   不过,VR还需要更多的软件支持。目前,虚拟现实的应用集中在游戏和电影。安信证券分析师指出,经过一年的发展,虚拟现实内容质量越来越高,从而也提升了产品体验。传统电视台、演唱会、体育赛事等内容提供平台,都开始快速拥抱虚拟现实。   “在商业、旅游、教育、医疗等行业,虚拟现实都在快速渗透。”安信证券分析师指出,虚拟现实连接的不仅是人和真实世界,更是人和人的社交属性的连接。虚拟现实的“显示”技术,正在越来越多元化,包括投影、眼睛、VR、全息投影、HUD等各类技术,纷至沓来。目前,智能手机为虚拟现实在硬件创新和内容平台创新的进步打下很好基础,预计智能手机五年走过的成长路径,在虚拟现实时代三年即可实现。   万物互联的机遇   除了VR技术之外,无人驾驶汽车、智慧城市以及互联医疗创新等也是本届世界移动通信大会的亮点,而这些应用支持者则是物联网。   中国移动董事长尚冰出席大会时指出,未来公司最看重万物互联的机遇,将继续发展物联网专用网络,加快推进全球统一标准窄带物联网(NB-IoT)产业成熟和物联网应用创新,构建物联网开放实验室,促进芯片和模组成熟发展,打造一张低成本、低功耗、广覆盖、高可靠的公共物联网,力争2017年实现商用。   据了解,华为与中国移动通过工业气体监测这一典型应用场景,展示了NB-IoT技术如何支撑物联网 产业互联网这一重要战略。当前华为已与众多产业合作伙伴展开NB-IoT技术与商业探索,并在垂直行业领域与多家应用提供商就智能电表、智能停车等典型应用展开深度合作。   有分析师指出,移动互联网时代,运营商向流量经营转型已是必然,而物联网的发展,传统的封闭式运作模式逐渐被打破,跨界融合竞争成为主流,商业模式从单边的用户经营逐步向双边的平台经营转变,相应的业务模式也随之发生变化,就流量经营来说,从单一的前向收费模式逐步过渡到混合收费模式。视频、游戏等高耗流应用崛起带来的企业级内容商为终端流量买单的趋势,而最终通过内容等增值服务打包盈利,如QQ音乐、搜狐视频等,目前均有较好的运营效果。   基于云和移动互联应用,IDC与CDN企业势必不断创新商业模式并激发新的活力。中信建投分析师预计,2013-2019年中国移动数据流量将增长超15倍。物联网应用,移动数据流量数十倍增长将带来更大的网络传输压力,因此对CDN的需求将变得更加迫切。在线视频、电商、IPTV OTT等交互式需求的普及等带给CDN新的增长点,预计未来CDN行业将保持40%左右的年增速。   5G建设搭建高速路   万物互联需要通信技术的发展。据悉,本届世界移动通信大会上,高通、英特尔等芯片巨头和华为、中兴、三星等设备厂商均展示了5G技术,连福特、沃尔沃等汽车公司都在展示5G技术支持下车联网的未来发展。   中兴高级副总裁张建国接受记者采访时说,如果纯粹从现有需求来看,可能4G技术进行改进后就可以满足用户,但如果网络的商业模式发生转变,比如说一个万物互联的智能城市中,车辆、虚拟现实设备、智能机器人等互相连接并有大量数据产生,这就需要更好的移动互联网络来支撑。   目前各国都在争相发展5G,韩国电信、SK电讯、美国Verizon、日本NTT DoCoMo在会上宣布结成5G试验标准联盟,将帮助网络设备商更高效地开发5G设备,并允许无线行业测试主要的技术参数。联盟企业将共同制定试验和服务推出日期、通用平台标准等。   工信部部长苗圩此前透露,2016年开展5G技术试验和商用牌照发放前期研究,积极参与国际标准制定。   中国信息通信研究院院长曹淑敏指出,5G现在面临的形势与3G有所不同,如今产业能力、创新能力、应用能力已大幅提升,4G发牌照才两年,用户就已超3亿。目前,我国正在参与5G国际标准研究,还会开展5G相应技术实验,这些都将为2020年商用打下基础。   国际上需到2020年才能出台5G标准,但物物联接的物联网已初现规模,就覆盖范围和数据传输速率而言,目前4G网络无法完全支撑物联网需求。为满足日益增长的业务应用需求,国内电信运营商和通信设备公司开始推出商用Pre5G和4.5G技术。   据悉,此次大会上,中国移动联合首批11家合作伙伴23日正式启动中国移动5G联合创新中心,共推5G发展。华为展示了4.5G技术首次突破了千兆速率,中兴介绍了其在5G标准研究及Pre 5G商用发展方面的最新进展,展示了超密网以及多用户共享接入等核心的Pre 5G技术,并称其Massive MIMO基站将在今年实现规模商用。   新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: