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New car graphics Mercedes Benz EQ concept car super fast charging-hamimelon

New graphic: Phoenix car · concept car Mercedes EQ ultra fast charging; new graphic as a leading luxury car brands in the market, so fast progress in the new energy vehicle Benz does not seem like the competition obviously, Mercedes Benz also deeply aware of the problem, at the Paris auto show, Mercedes Benz will bring a new the "Generation EQ" concept car, the two car electric car design architecture based on the mature, the single charge mileage can reach 500km, and the new Mercedes Benz is also used on the latest fast charging solution, 5 minutes charge can travel 160 kilometers, really enough cattle. Summary: as the Mercedes Benz EQ brand’s first SUV concept car, we can see its overall design is done very high, it can also prove that it is not far from production at the same time, the concept car uses a large number of traditional design elements Benz, details of a large number of LED light source, touch keys for full touch design, and the Comand system is replaced by the newer structure. It is reported that this concept car may become a pure electric car production in 2018-2019.相关的主题文章:

The great lakes formed early Mars or the impact of future missions by snowmelt (video)-www.youjizz.com/

The great lakes formed early Mars or the impact of future missions [NASA] Science ancient Mars ocean how much snow melt? In September 19, Beijing science and technology daily (reporter Liu Xia) according to the U.S. "Christian Science Monitor" reported on 17, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) researchers at the jet propulsion laboratory recently pointed out, they found a few similar to the five great lakes large lake sites on Mars, the melting snow formed in 2 billion 3 billion years ago, the emergence of liquid water on the surface of Mars time later than previously thought. The latest study is expected to re write the history of the red planet, affecting the future of Mars research and exploration missions. Shannon · Wilson led the team in the Mars Global Surveyor NASA number (MGS), the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and the European Mars Express of Mars taken photos in the highlands of Arabia area, found evidence for the existence of valleys and Lake volcano on mars. By calculating the number of volcanic lakes in different regions of the photo, the team drew the timeline and determined that the wet period occurred about 2 billion to 3 billion years ago. Scientists had previously thought that the "warm, wet" period of Mars had been over for a long time. Wilson said in a statement: "we found that the water flow into Lake Valley; there are several Lake overflow, which indicates that the local time with plenty of water. A lake with the largest North American lake Too vast lake (1897 meters above sea level, 35 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 19 km) comparable; more than an "heart lake" lake water than in Lake ontario." Scientists initially thought the water on Mars there for a short time and is mainly the groundwater, but since MGS arrived at Mars in about 20 years ago, more and more scientists believe that Mars has a lot of ground water and continue to exist for a long time. In 2015, scientists discovered other evidence of the existence of lakes on Mars, the new study not only confirms this conclusion, and added new evidence. The MRO project scientist Ricky · Zurek said: "the latest research shows that Mars appears longer than previously thought a few billion years late. There are signs that the water in the snow melts in spring." Although people are still not sure why the snow melts, but there is a theory that the "behind the scenes" is the extreme changes in the Martian slope. Perhaps most important of all, this finding suggests that microbial life is likely to occur on Mars later than previously thought, which could have implications for future research and exploration missions.相关的主题文章:

Why do you store the Pu erh tea flavor and smell – Sohu to eat and drink-wharfedale

Why do you store the Pu erh tea flavor and smell? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea tea "Snow" as we all know, for Pu’er Tea, storage environment selection is very important. The long time storage process, not only can achieve the Pu’er Tea Nongyue more Chen Chen fragrant, may also bring you often hear bin taste tea "". There are a lot of discussions about the taste of Pu erh tea, and of course there are many doubts. For example, what is the position of the warehouse? Where does the warehouse smell come from? Pu erh tea with warehouse flavor to do…… Warehouse flavor, and the storage environment itself and the length of storage has a great relationship. Map: South Beauty Tea tea tea "Snow" environment of storage bin flavor, the most intuitive performance in high temperature and high humidity and Shicang moderate storage of Pu’er Tea, aroma, taste and taste different. High temperature and high humidity, on the surface, it can speed up the aging of Pu’er tea, but the corresponding, but also more likely to cause deterioration, mildew and other negative effects, resulting in Pu’er tea storage failure. Moreover, because of the strong adsorption of tea, if there are other things around the smell or the existence of strong other things, after the adsorption of different odor, the ultimate performance of Pu’er tea will also be greatly affected. It should be noted that a lot of tea tea friends have just been exposed to the warehouse flavor is equivalent to musty taste, in fact, there is a big difference between the two. Pu’er tea tea will lead to mildew metamorphism, whether it is or is a drink, smell is very obvious (including musty, or produce smoke, if the adsorption of acid, rancid, smelly and other bad breath, in the storage process will make Pu’er Tea drinking value discount). With the taste of Pu’er tea, tea quality is completely destroyed, whether it is a high temperature drying or multiple brewing, musty taste always exists. Warehouse taste is different, if found early, timely transfer to the storage environment dry, no odor, moderate temperature and humidity, largely to fade or improve has formed the "warehouse", also known as the "back". In order to better achieve the aging, long time storage is essential. If it is the resulting warehouse flavor, in the product drink, with the increase in the number of brewing, warehouse flavor will be significantly reduced. If you do not want to affect the warehouse flavor to drink, before storage, it should be considered, to choose the most suitable for the aging of Pu’er tea environment. On the Pu’er Tea preservation, brewing and drinking of knowledge sharing, please add the South Beauty Beauty Tea Dong Ming? Personal micro number: dydy500 (long press copy) details. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea, Iceland secret tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? In the absence of Feng as an example concerned about the tea net public number: ishuocha read above. The original five is ripe, click on the lower right corner you can free [subscription] said tea net相关的主题文章:

Double to enjoy Mid Autumn Moon soul Yu group!-9c8947

Double to enjoy Mid Autumn Moon soul Yu group! September rujierzhi, early autumn surging mood; Mid Autumn Festival is coming, the supermarket filled with diversiform cakes, add a lot of atmosphere for the arrival of the holiday. On September 15-17 into far Mazda large Car Buying day shock struck, invite you to group all of the mid autumn moon, a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! In the shop, surprises and gifts again and again, purchase as soon as possible! Why buy Mazda Mazda everything as far to run around here and there!! Theme: to enjoy the double soul Yu Group mid autumn moon! Hotline: 020-86420080, 28243721 time: September 15, 16, 17 day dealer: Guangzhou as far Mazda exhibition activities address: highlights the huge benefits of Shijing Baiyun District Qingfeng Village Street on the south side of Guangzhou Shi Feng lu! To send!! A ceremony, punctual     successful sign guests send Mid Autumn Festival gift! Two,       passion drive;; the order of registration in accordance with the test drive, turns on a Tezi, CX-4 test drive, experience the pleasure of driving! Three, set as     active link forwarded circle of friends, the top 3 product like most guests can get product like a gift!! Four, mortgage ceremony     down payment as low as 50%, up to the interest rate of 12 financial policy; just an ID card can easily loan car! Five, replacement     second-hand car shop to free evaluation, replacement for 4000-6000 yuan manufacturers discount!   six, referral ceremony     old customers successfully introduce new customers to buy 2015 Tezi, Mazda 8 models sent 1 barrels of synthetic oil. More exciting activities look forward to finding you! For more information, please search and join into far Mazda QQ discussion group: Guangzhou CX-4 Q exchange group: 229838483 Guangzhou Tezi Q exchange group: 332874652     Guangzhou Chengyuan automobile Limited company 400 toll free hotline: 400-606-5660, 400-868-8219 sales hotline: 020-86420080 , 83091998; free assessment of second-hand car replacement hotline: 13570440300.   Guangzhou Baiyun District of Shijing Shi Feng Lu Qingfeng cable factory on the west side of transportation: by 126, 841, 742, 254, 519 bus to Shijing middle school station 24 hours service hot line rescue: 020-86420866 E-mail:    mzd-gzcy@vip.163; Guangzhou far Huangshi Branch Sales Hotline: 020-28243721  address:  , 28243650; Huangshi; Baiyun District of Guangzhou street, Guang Yun Road Building A No. 168 transportation way: take Metro Line 2 to Jiangxia station C exit side, or 12 people take the next相关的主题文章:

The farthest can run 600 km, the public finally launched a pure electric car – Sohu car-www.osta.org.cn

It can run 600 kilometers, the public has finally launched the Sohu announced a pure electric vehicle car Volkswagen factory before, will debut in October, the Paris auto show in 2016, launched a I.D. electric concept car, the Volkswagen brand started as a new generation of electric vehicles vision. I.D. in addition to the mileage between 400 and 600 km, the Volkswagen plant in 2020 is expected to be able to its formal mass production, and in 2025 to achieve the annual sales target of the brand of electric vehicles 1 million. Volkswagen factory days ago announced, will debut in October, the Paris auto show in 2016, launched a product called I.D. Concept electric concept car, the Volkswagen brand as the beginning of a new generation of electric vehicles vision. Unlike Budd-e, I.D. is the first MEB platform of small and medium sized hatchback models although previously popular brand in 2016 the United States CES consumer electronics exhibition, exhibition (Electric Drive equipped with MEB Kit, Modularen Elektrisch Baukasten) Budd-e concept car electric modular platform, but Budd-e’s body size and type, is situated between the road and T6 the two vehicles of different size of MPV, so Budd-e is the main body in the form of MPV as the product positioning. The January 6, 2016 Las Vegas CES consumer electronics show, Volkswagen has brought the same Budd-e electric concept car based on the MEB platform, but because the body size between the T6 and the two Touran vehicles of different size of MPV, so Budd-e is the main body in the form of MPV as the product positioning. Show the prototype of a new generation of electric car brand, establish DNA family and this will be at the Paris auto show in the world premiere of I.D. concept car, it is the first use of MEB electric modular platform for small and medium sized hatchback models (Compact Car), Volkswagen factory also said the other thinking and innovative concept of I.D. overall avant-garde car logo a popular brand of a new generation of electric vehicle prototype and development goals, will be a template for future electric car brand DNA family design style. This will be in the I.D. concept car, the Paris auto show world premiere (on), is the first use of MEB electric modular platform (below) of the small and medium sized hatchback models, and will be a template for future electric cars Volkswagen brand DNA family design style. Equipped with 125 kW motor, maximum endurance of 400 to 600 kilometers of power, the original factory that I.D. concept car is equipped with a motor for 125 kW, and completed a charging process, the maximum mileage will fall between 400 and 600 kilometers, not only has the characteristics of environmental protection "zero discharge" in practical, overall, enough driving daily will demand more than sufficient commuting. I.D. concept car is equipped with a 125 kW electric motor, its maximum mileage will be able to fall in the range of 400 to 600N相关的主题文章:

Nafine sell toothpaste business was 0 yuan disposal losses-headache怎么读�

Nafine sell toothpaste business losses was 0 yuan disposal Nafine "sell" than the toothpaste business was 0 yuan disposal each reporter Ceng Jian talking about the domestic brands of toothpaste, most people may think Liangmianzhen, Yunnan Baiyao etc.. As everyone knows, the old chemical listed companies Nafine chemical industry (000737, closing price of 6.44 yuan) also has its own brand of toothpaste. On the evening of September 28th, the company a paper asset disposal announcement, so that the company has been unknown toothpaste business into the public eye. According to the announcement, the company intends to southerly chemical, Nanfeng toothpaste 100% stake and Huaian southerly salt hold 40% equity to the controlling shareholder hill salt. Among them, South all the toothpaste equity valuation was 0, but Huaian southerly salt had the value of money. The transaction is expected to bring about 52 million 800 thousand yuan of revenue for listed companies, which will undoubtedly greatly reduce the pressure of the company in the second half of the turnaround. 0 yuan sale toothpaste business according to the southerly chemical announcement, Nanfeng toothpaste was founded in 1998, the registered capital of 9 million 755 thousand yuan, a wholly owned chemical industry. Nanfeng toothpaste toothpaste and toothbrush is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of washing products sales. Although belonging to the veteran subsidiary, but from the financial data, it seems in Nanfeng toothpaste industry pattern of Nafine chemical industry has always been a "chicken ribs". As of June 30, 2016, Nanfeng toothpaste not audited total assets of 10 million 799 thousand and 700 yuan, net assets of 32 million 44 thousand and 500 yuan; 2016 1~6 months, the company achieved operating income of 4 million 890 thousand and 200 yuan, net profit of 1 million 144 thousand and 700 yuan loss. In fact, Nanfeng toothpaste maintained a "small loss" situation has been for many years. 2015, the company achieved revenue of 15 million 989 thousand and 300 yuan, net profit loss of $974 thousand and 700. Perhaps the limited size and other reasons, in the periodic report of Nanfeng chemical disclosure in recent years, the performance of Nanfeng toothpaste has not been separately listed, only to find its traces from some small acquisitions. The investment treasure (micro signal: mjtzb2) noted that in December 2013, southerly chemical announcement that the capital contribution of 300 thousand yuan, took 3.1% from the hands of Nanfeng toothpaste Nanguang industry, thus realizing the 100% stake. According to the announcement revealed that Nanfeng toothpaste in 2012 operating income 8 million 103 thousand and 900 yuan, net profit loss of 3 million 425 thousand and 400 yuan; 2013 1~9 month, Nanfeng toothpaste achieved operating income of 7 million 288 thousand and 500 yuan, net profit of 1 million 505 thousand and 800 yuan loss. According to the South Chemical official website, the company’s brand of toothpaste as "a net", in addition to a dental calculus, specializes in Shu min and salt biogain varieties. According to announcements, toothpaste in recent years mainly southerly southerly chemical production of washing products, the main products of toothpaste yield far less than its actual capacity. In addition, the company take the Nafine internal order system, the lack of independent marketing team. High margin products toothpaste market share is low, and the processing of washing products with low added value, resulting in theory相关的主题文章: