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Central Inspectorate supervision of Guangxi set up a special force with the local heavy metal pollution remediation – Beijing new network in Nanning in August 25 (Xinhua Lin Lan Miao Chang) Guangxi has been plagued by the people in the city of Hechi heavy metal pollution problem, caused by the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate’s attention, the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region environmental protection department 25, provide information indicating that during the sixth Environmental Protection Inspectorate in mid July to mid August in Guangxi, heavy metal smelting enterprises in Hechi city for investigation, and ordered the local full rectification of the problems found. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region environmental protection agency, during the inspection, the Sixth Central Environmental Protection Inspector group leader Jiang Weixin led the team into Hechi enterprises involving heavy metals on-site inspection. Inspector group pointed out that the process of production and environmental protection enterprises most of the heavy metals in Hechi city is backward, low productivity, serious pollution, mineral processing, roasting, smelting and other aspects of environmental protection technology to reach the national standard, does not meet the national industrial policy. According to reports, Hechi is a famous hometown of non-ferrous metals in China, there are tin, antimony, zinc, gold, silver, copper, iron, indium, tungsten and other 20 kinds of non-ferrous metals. However, with the large-scale exploitation of mineral resources, environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. 2012, Guangxi, Hechi shocked the outside world occurred in the Longjiang River cadmium pollution incident, affecting up to 300 km. Before the Longjiang River cadmium pollution, heavy metal pollution incidents have occurred in Hechi. Heavy metal pollution has become one of the local ills. Due to historical reasons, Hechi city surrounding the layout of more than and 10 heavy metal smelting enterprises involved. After the cadmium pollution incident, Hechi had planned to relocate all involved in the industrial park. After a lapse of 4 years, the relocation of slow progress. Inspector group pointed out that the Hechi city enterprises out of the city park slow progress, the lag of infrastructure, enterprises lack of initiative and enthusiasm, are by and see ideas, efforts to promote the cooperation of the government and the functional departments are not in place. The inspector group pointed out that the issue of Guangxi has taken action, find out the Hechi City 55 heavy tailings basic situation, developed a treatment scheme; to find out the 16 arsenic pollution site plant site, carry out site investigation and risk assessment, making repair plan; to the problem of pollution in Xijiang River tributary of the Diaojiang basin that has instructed the local pollution as soon as possible to identify the Diaojiang basin and the major pollution source. Establish relevant file materials to assess the hazards of pollution. It is reported that the city of Hechi has been due to long-term environmental problems of the enterprise rectification ineffective accountability 13 people. According to reports, as with the remediation local environmental issues outstanding, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the needs of Hechi city environmental protection work of the situation, Hechi City, the establishment of a professional environmental police team homeopathy, additional environmental protection in Hechi City Public Security Bureau police brigade, the brigade will focus on special rectification actions and participate in the environmental protection department. Guangxi environmental protection agency to provide information, "12th Five-Year" period, the Guangxi central and autonomous region 1 billion 160 million yuan of special funds to carry out heavy metal pollution, has supported 508 pollution control and environmental capacity building project, solve a number of environmental problems, to ensure that in the Paul)相关的主题文章: