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Chase the man hit securicar Pibi father: son is like a fish trap October 31st, Huang Wulin’s family to the scene to mourn the man after smashing securicar Pibi to Dongguan Guangdong Dongguan negotiations among family members of "chasing the truck hit the shot event investigation man holding a brick smashed armored car guards were shot and killed the case that lead to social sustained attention. According to the Dongguan town of Changan city government informed the October 27th 12 at 06 PM, 110 received the alarm, said: an armored car was a man smashed the glass. It is understood that an armored car to perform escort missions through three road near the intersection of usha Xing, was a man Huang (Jiangxi) stone and cement block. After smashing the vehicle, causing the vehicle glass breakage. The car guards repeatedly discouraged invalid, shot lead to the injured. Huang arrived at the scene after 120 invalid death. Chengdu daily chief reporter Liu Mumu from Guangdong Dongguan Dongguan, Guangdong "four tigers" for the first time, the world’s factory, workers gathered. Walking in the Dongguan town of Changan City, Sha Ring Road Street, random intercept, ask any passers-by, he will often tell you, "I am a stranger." In October 27th, Changan town of Guangdong city in Dongguan province occurred "armored car guards shot and killed a hit man" case. The man called Huang Wulin, a rubber bullet, took his life. This is a habit of "bad news", is to people living in the city of Dongguan. Because of Huang Wulin’s work in the restaurant is located in the last place on the west side, Huang Wulin left the restaurant, or may ring road from west to east along the usha walk, and armored car "friction", then from east to West Road after hit. Van Huang Wulin and Dongguan Junan escort Co., the first contact is a crossroads, where the East vibration Wing Road, West Ring Road South usha, Hing Road five, North Ring Road sha. His character is stubborn, everything to Guangfeng District of Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, tell right and wrong ", there are 30 thousand wooden. Huang Enqing is a carpenter, he bought land in the city, built two, 4 and a half floor pavement. Huang Enqing felt that with this property, one family can gain a foothold in the local. Huang Enqing has a sensible son, named Huang Wulin, from small to large, never reach out to me for a penny." Jiangxi province Guangfeng high school October 2006 filing enrollment form, teachers evaluation Huang Wulin: strict rules, solidarity, is an excellent high school. But Huang Wulin failed to enter the University, high school graduation, he said to his father: "to be independent, to their own." "I am ready to start a business, live a comfortable life in the school to muddle along without any aim do not know what to do, all day, the feeling of life lost color, gray, I want to change." One night in April 2011, Huang Wulin said in a micro-blog. Huang Enqing told his son, the outside world is very exciting, but also a lot of frustration. But the son stubborn personality, all things to tell right and wrong, he remembered, Huang Wulin in seventeen at the age of eight, he had had a hit. At that time, Huang Wulin confidently said to his father: "I didn’t make a mistake, you can’t beat me." His drifting "20 years old, is a man, it is necessary to fight a spell" "he felt he was 2.相关的主题文章: