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UnCategorized When it comes to Internet services we try to get as much as we can for as little as we can. Thankfully, most web hosting sites you see online have pretty good prices. But here is something not all of them offer – a free domain name! If you have ever bought a domain name you know that they cost anywhere between $6 on up to $30 depending on the domain name and extension. Sometimes it can get pretty darn crazy with prices! Recently I was doing some looking around though and I found some super sites that offer things like; cheap European hosting with free domain, cheap north America web hosting with free domain and cheap south America web hosting with free domain. One of the sites I found this on was a Cheap Canada Web Hosting website. So what do I mean by cheap? Cheap in price? Or quality? Definitely price! While not all hosting sites are created equal they are all meant to do the same thing – host your sites. Personally for me, when it comes to picking a host it’s all about the benefits, options, prices and more importantly the support. I was a member of a company a few years back – the support was horrible. You couldn’t get these guys to answer anything you had a question about. Its like you were completely on your own. And if you’re new to this stuff – it’s just not cool! You need someone you can lean on, someone to ask questions to and someone that can help you out with your web hosting. If you have an idea you want to get started online, a business, a product, a blog, or anything else – you will need two essential things; domain name and web hosting. There is no way out of this. You can spin some magic thread that is going to connect your site to the Internet unless you host it with someone! So what is considered a good site? Well again, I think it goes back to options, support, benefits, additions (free domain names), and price. Find a good site with everything you need – hold on to it! Remember this is something you are going to absolutely need – it’s not an amenity it’s a requirement. Choose right and you could be set for life! By the way a lot of these companies now offer additional items besides domains. I have seen a few sites that offer design programs and software, affiliate programs, templates (for free) and much more! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: