Chengdu auto show blockbuster debut new car summary of the new car too slowly-puritans pride

Chengdu auto show heavy listed first car new car too slowly to see summary words very lively once a year at the Chengdu Auto Show opened today, as the third (whether there are others opinion) show, Chengdu auto show radiation in various provinces and cities in Southwest China, so the manufacturers are very heavy, there are many models listed and released the debut so today, the automobile industry is in the center of Chengdu, many models of automobile Tencent small selection of some models for you, or they are new models, or is a masterpiece of modified mature models, the new car is too much, or to follow the small fat paws go together! Friends in Chengdu can go to the show this weekend, I believe there will be no small price concessions oh! Chengdu auto show car market September 2nd SAIC Chevrolet at the Chengdu auto show officially released the Kewozi price of 7.99-10.09 million yuan, the new car is positioned as a new compact sedan three. Provide a surprise package in October 31st before the first booking of consumers: duty-free bag – purchase tax inclusive price, according to different models, from low to high 3415-4619 yuan relief package – the first year of commercial insurance (car damage + third party liability + non deductible) package, each vehicle can be unified, 4000 yuan the financial burden of loan interest all inclusive package (4W fixed interest rate of 0 – 18), the total provincial interest of about 2500 yuan (calculated in accordance with the basic car loan interest rate of 8%). In summary, Kewozi surprise package for consumers to save at least 9915 yuan Car Buying cost savings of up to 12000 yuan. English name "Cavalier" means Kewozi for "Knight", derived from GM North American history’s best-selling compact car Chevrolet Cavalier. First, from the appearance point of view, Kewozi in front of the double front grille Chevrolet family type grille, the internal use of a new "blast" ramp texture, compared to the current Chevrolet models add a dynamic. At the same time, the car in the headlight internal dotted with chrome trim and innovative double L shaped LED light daytime running lights, and all models of standard. New car interior part, internal use of flying wing cockpit design style Chevrolet traditional seat, other use dress style tailored, according to official said, using the technology of the seat can provide better lateral support and package. In addition, the car has 20 interior storage space. The configuration, Kewozi equipped with electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring system, 7 Inch Touch screen, MyLink HD intelligent interconnection system (Baidu CarLife), theatre audio system and PM2.5 air filtration systems and other equipment. Power, Kewozi equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated four cylinder engine, transmission system, 5 speed manual and 6 speed manual gearbox, and are equipped with engine start stop system, according to the official said, the lowest fuel consumption performance Kewozi with 5.4L 100km. [Tencent] [Chengdu motor show new car] in September 2nd, the new Volvo S90 T6 version of the 2016 Chengdu auto show officially listed for sale, the official price of 56.98-7相关的主题文章: