Chikan quick stop! When do you want to touch your sister-zhongguorentiyishu

Chikan quick stop! When do you want to touch your sister? Often there will be a lot of physical contact between the male and female characters in anime, white and tender and sweet and soft girl in their eyes, there must be a man who could not help but want to touch their desire, so the men in what time I want to touch the girl? Recently, the Japanese media conducted an investigation. – no lover of the time "when sleeping in the evening. Because I want to feel my body temperature." (33 printing paper designer) "when the weather is cold, people want to be warm." (33 company clerk) "when a sudden change of weather, especially in autumn, because I want to feel the temperature of others." (39 year old technology construction member) – see scantily clad woman "see scantily clad woman during summer." (29 year old auto technician) when the sister’s part looks soft." (36 confidential instrument) – "when the skin is very good I would like to touch the skin smooth and beautiful girl." (25 years old) "when you see a soft skin." (33 other) – whenever you want to touch "if you can, I hope I can often touch the girl’s skin." (34 years of precision instrument technician), "honestly, when you want to touch." (39 year old food · beverage; back office) "and the woman together and I’ll always want to touch." (38 year old transportation back office) Click to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works相关的主题文章: