Children’s playground hidden dangers the bed is not installed safety network inflatable castle was

The children’s playground problems: jump bed nets not inflatable castle was blown – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Zhengzhou on August 26th news (Henan station reporter Hui Fang) according to voice of Chinese "CNR news" reported that during the summer, park, square, and a number of large shopping malls have become children’s playground, the children of paradise. Reporters interviewed found that the widespread presence of children’s amusement facilities in the city mall, a lot of security risks. Henan rose park children’s playground in Jiaozuo city is the largest of a children’s playground, here is a carousel, inflatable castle, trampoline and other children’s entertainment facilities. During the holidays, come to visit the children in a continuous line, park staff master Wang said: "a good business, this is not a holiday, a lot of people every day to play, a lot more than usual." Rose park in the children jumping bed attracted a lot of children, the reporter carefully observed found in the vicinity of the bouncing bed, and did not require the installation of a safety net. The little bed, 7, 8 children enjoy jumping, because standing instability will inevitably happen bump, the bed body rust also issued from time to time crunch. The boss said: "can’t break, that can break? It can’t be broken. It’s absolutely safe." The reporter saw in the slide, pirate ship, carousel and recreation area, and most of the facilities are rusty, a staff member surnamed Wang said: "I cannot run ah, every day is to play the child. I have regular checks, no problem." Reporters saw at the amusement park, people’s Park children in Jiaozuo City, inflatable castle two or three meters high were four rope pulling, fixed on the surface of the nail, whenever the wind blew, inflatable castle will occur to some extent shaking is above the children playing immediately follow shake, made people tremble with fear. Mr. Wang told reporters a few days ago, he had seen the inflatable castle here was blown over, roll out a child, tears. Faced with a variety of security risks, some parents do not care. Ms. Lee said: I did not think about security issues, it should not have what, do not play here."相关的主题文章: