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China commercial space plan: including aerospace plane 5 engineering data figure: "dragon" aircraft, and is believed to China about space plane program. Original title: China generous commercial space layout according to Science Daily reported on September 13th, the 12 held on the second Chinese Commercial Aerospace Forum, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation released a grand blueprint for the future development of China’s commercial aerospace, aerospace aircraft, fast boat rocket, "Happy Star" plan in succession rose. Aerospace Science and Industry Deputy General Manager Liu Shiquan introduced at the meeting, the group of companies with innovative ideas actively layout of commercial space, will focus on the implementation of Feiyunjiang, fast clouds, clouds, rainbow clouds, Tengyun five commercial aerospace engineering, construction, development, continuous fast boat Yuzhou, Takumi, a five series launch system, development Tianxin series of spatial information applications, in the "empty, pro, day" multi-level efforts to build a global information network. The development and construction of the five projects will be more than ten years time span, involving thousands of sub projects and systems, is expected to invest over one billion yuan, output over one hundred billion yuan." Aerospace Science and industry chairman Gao Hongwei said. Feiyunjiang project: high altitude UAV with fixed Liu Shiquan introduction, Feiyunjiang engineering corresponding unmanned airborne cloud area project, with long endurance and high altitude UAV platform, focusing on targeting the direction of emergency communications, remote sensing monitoring applications, both the scientific test and application requirements, local air information enhanced net construction. Assistant Minister Dai Jiangyong CASIC hospitals technology development, the application of UAV in this project, is a useful supplement to the traditional satellite applications, the biggest advantage is to relay to follow the "gaze" of the way to achieve information security. To realize low cost and high efficiency, long endurance UAV low speed flight, and cost saving. Hospitals with strong technical strength, the money can carry 50 kg load index of the UAV location, at 20 km altitude continuous flight 5 days. Dai Jiangyong introduction, the UAV is currently in the development stage, according to the plan will be 2017 flight test. In addition to complete the high altitude long endurance key technology research of network information system based on UAV to complete this year, the principle of verification, the UAV aerial LAN system established in 2017 the first generation of high altitude long endurance, the formation of application service capability. Fast cloud Engineering: Construction of near space aerostat LAN cloud engineering corresponding to near space airship local cloud project, will be the aerostat fast launch platform for the construction of near space network, can quickly launch assist to achieve the stratosphere airship local information enhancement. Liu Shiquan introduction, fast cloud carrier system consists of vehicles, launchers and ground equipment. 2017 to complete the key technology research, the completion of the principle of verification; in 2018 the formation of the first generation of commercial application systems, emergency information support services. Clouds in the remotest corners of the globe: engineering safe texting clouds engineering corresponding spaceborne narrowband global mobile networking project is Leo micro satellite communication system oriented to the requirements of the Internet of things, big data industry development in the future. The project will take the "satellite microwave communication + inter satellite laser communication" program to achieve seamless access to space, transmission and sharing of narrowband information. Liu Shiquan said the project plans to adopt.相关的主题文章: