China has a number of Anti Japanese defense system is ready to build the South China Sea Area – Sohu

How to recruit Chinese against Japan: ready to build the South China Sea cruise Defense Identification Zone – Sohu Military Channel text with map: the Japanese defense minister paddy tomomi. The United States is visiting Japan Defense Inada Tomomi 15, 2009, announced that the Japanese self defense forces will work with the U.S. military in the South China Sea cruise. She said Japan would strengthen Japan’s participation in the South China Sea through joint patrols with the U.S. Navy, bilateral and multilateral military exercises with regional navies, and assistance to some countries. This is a new attitude of japan. The United States has been invited to Japan, Australia and other countries outside the South China Sea and Philippines and other countries in the region in the South China Sea to engage in joint cruise, Macao, Philippines’s cautious stance and vague, Tokyo has also been said that before did not participate in the South China Sea cruise plan joint. China deputy chief of staff of the Central Military Commission, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Sun Jianguo said in June this year in Shangri-La dialogue, if Japan to carry out the so-called "joint cruise" or other military actions in the South China Sea, China will not sit idly by. Inada Tomomi’s position in the United States can be considered in the bottom line of the impact of china. In a joint press 15, with U.S. Defense Secretary Carter at the meeting, the reporter asked the decision for more than Japan, Inada Tomomi do not want to explain, that she and the opinion of the world know that this attitude of Japan on the South China Sea situation very stimulating. After Tokyo decided to send warships to participate in joint South China Sea cruise, this time in the day to ease bilateral relations appears to have been written off most. In addition, some slightly calm situation in the South China Sea because of the United States and Japan, the two countries outside the joint cruise and set off a greater wave, in addition to taking strong measures against China, probably no alternative. Once Japan started in the South China Sea joint cruise, is equal to the implementation of the twenty-first Century to Chinese "gunboat policy". In this case, China should not hesitate to carry out the military has been built Nansha reef deployment, enhance the ability of confrontation, the United States and Japan with the warship. China should also put this in response to advance notice of the ASEAN countries, the international community to make more clear the situation in the South China Sea was upgraded. If the United States and Japan joint cruise frequency, or there are more countries involved in the South China Sea seriously interfere with the normal order, China should announce the establishment of the South China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone as a further option. Once this situation, China to a number of Military Air Defense Identification Zone islands and the whole system against the United States and Japan warships, the long term we will not lose points in the strategy. Japanese warships entering the South China Sea should be the main target of China’s confrontation. Chinese aircraft buzzed a Japanese warship can take critical action, increase the pressure on the Japanese side. In addition to taking these actions in the South China Sea, China should strengthen the pressure on the Diaoyu Islands in the direction of the day, increasing the frequency of public law enforcement in the Diaoyu islands. Tokyo is now the hottest side of the hot issue of the South China Sea, which is not only more than the enthusiasm of the region in the South China Sea region, and even the United States than the South China Sea is still cold. It is one of the important motives for doing so is to use the South China Sea issue to contain China, so that they are more active in the East sea. At this point, Beijing must not be willing to do so. Sino Japanese friction was confined to the history and the Diaoyu Islands issue,.相关的主题文章: