China’s stock of non investment over $100

Chinese non investment stock over $100 billion U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes from China warrants the National Development Bank and the World Bank launched a joint initiative for non investment for union 7, the second session held in Guangzhou on the non Investment Forum inaugurated. Deputy director of China’s national development and Reform Commission Ning said that at present, China’s various types of investment in Africa stock has more than 100 billion U.S. dollars, there are more than 3 thousand and 100 Chinese companies operating in africa. Attended the meeting of the World Bank President Jin Yong said that through this platform for alliance cooperation, the world bank and the Chinese National Development Bank will actively promote economic development and investment cooperation in Africa, and create more employment opportunities for africa. China deputy finance minister Shi Yaobin said that as the centralized management department is responsible for international financial organizations such as the world bank and China business cooperation, the Ministry of finance to actively support the National Development Bank and other units with the world bank, the African countries to explore new ways and new mode of three party cooperation, build on non Investment Forum, for non investment alliance the three party cooperation and South South cooperation in the new platform. After more than a year of efforts, China, the world bank and African countries have achieved initial success in the three party cooperation. On the day of the second session held on non Investment Forum, Ningji zhe introduced in non cooperation capacity. He said, in cooperation with both non production enterprises as the main body, mainly in the field of infrastructure construction, industrial development, energy resources development, to direct investment, project contracting, equipment trade and technical cooperation as the main form of support for Africa’s industrialization, informatization, city. Ningji zhe said, in the capacity of non cooperation has achieved initial results, so far, the national development and Reform Commission has Chinese with Ethiopia, Egypt, Congo, Mozambique, Sultan (Brazzaville), 7 African countries signed the capacity cooperation framework agreement, and agreed on priority cooperation areas and key projects; at the same time, signing the capacity cooperation framework the agreement with Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon and other countries taking. He said, in the active participation of all parties, in non cooperation to promote the capacity of African countries in infrastructure construction, a large number of railway, highway, port, airport, power, communications and other iconic projects are under way; in non cooperation capacity but also effectively led the African countries industrial development, building materials, industrial and agricultural products the rapid growth of processing industries. (new network, integrated in etc.) editor: Derek Cong相关的主题文章: