Chinese buyers multinational prosecution claims ten million dollars (video) dingxiangwuyuetian

China buyers sued claims tens of millions of dollars from multinational overseas land substitution buy complained Soufangwang infringement "because the real world website SouFun American real estate advertisements are true, we took out years of savings, buy real estate in the United states." But let China buyers Su Yun (pseudonym) who never imagined that their American dream and no investment is successful, not only did not get the rent mentioned in advertising, but in a series of troubles to buy U.S. real estate after the. To this end, the state will be held by the company, such as Bacillus and related companies sued the United States federal court Ohio district court, claims $10 million. SouFun holding company stakeholders to respond to the matter said, whether in China or in the United States, we will respect the facts and local court decisions, according to the law to resolve the dispute." Currently, the case is being heard in the u.s.. Incident, the U.S. real estate investment dream shattered an overseas home buyers in China Su Yun (a pseudonym) into a nightmare among. This is my first time to buy a house in the United States to take pictures when the house. Most of the United States House Renovation, some houses and housing from the real world in shreds and patches, the site originally released the real estate ads be quite different, too shocked me." Su Yun said. Beijing morning news reporters yesterday that the U.S. House BT provide photos, no house decoration, with blackened traces on the wall, all kinds of pipelines exposed on the ground, also piled a lot of debris. Recalls buying American house, BT sighed and said, "in 2013, I saw IIP’s sale of U.S. real estate ads in the real world from the housing site. Advertising in the United States to promote the sale of real estate, the price of about 3 to $50 thousand, with decoration. The most attractive is that advertising commitments developers charter for 2 years, to ensure payment of rent, the annual yield of more than 10%. I have tempted." Su Yun did not buy experience in the United States, there are concerns in mind. "I see the room from the housing site in the overseas listings in the publicity page, saying, ‘the unified price of housing, buyers no risk, zero commission service’ commitment, was determined to invest in the United States to buy a house." Su Yun said that the housing is a well-known company, he believes that it’s the world’s Web site advertising and commitment is real. In 2014, IIP made contact with the company Chinese BT sales representative, signed the purchase contract with IIP company and related companies, bought 60 sets of Ohio real estate, $about 2000000. Buy a house, the 60 house BT to IIP company and company management, his work in Chinese. Su Yun recalled, I did not receive the full amount of rent paid by IIP company and its related companies. And what surprised me most was that a neighbor in the United States sent a message telling me that I had to buy a house." The United States House found deceived in order to find out the truth, BT in June 2015 for the first time arrived in the United States House, found themselves deceived. Su Yun told the Beijing morning news reporters, "most of the United States House I do not buy the house decoration, and some require extensive maintenance in shreds and patches. At the same time, some of the house property tax, property management fees,.相关的主题文章: