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China military intervention core technology from the NBC haze hazard control technology – Beijing for several days, Beijing haze is a yellow warning, October 14th is still not improved. But these days, "Chinese military intervention haze rule has become a hot news. The news is the origin: Chemical Institute of the PLA General Hu Xiaoping Dean in China International Exhibition Center, issued a "national air quality high resolution prediction and pollution control decision support system (referred to as NARS, Na SI system)". This system results in the example simulation of the "blue parade", Beijing organized large-scale activities, Beijing and surrounding provinces and cities in emission enterprises does not have to stop production, only need to control the controllable emission source area is not much, you can get with the "parade blue" the same effect, greatly reduce the control cost. Call Xiaoping said, God thinking system is to explore effective ways of development of civil military integration attempt, its precise treatment system of haze technique in Institute of chemical defense CBRN damage forecast and development theory, method and technology based on the control, so that "civil military integration, accurate cure haze". The analysis thinks, in many control methods are not effective cases, provides a new way of thinking perhaps for the haze of governance. Subsequently, the science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed the system development team leader Huang Shunxiang researcher. According to him, my thinking system team led by the PLA Chemical Institute, jointly set up China Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Peking University, the National Meteorological Center and a technology company in Beijing and other units. In recent years, Institute of chemical defense breakthrough achievements in research and innovation of new theory and new technology, especially in nuclear safety, chemical safety and biological safety, many studies have China represents the highest level of technology. I think the "core technology system, from NBC hazard prediction and control technology." Huang Shunxiang said, "the air pollution control and CBRN hazard control in theory is the same." When the haze of governance has become the focus of public attention Chinese after long-term study of NBC Huang Shunxiang found, in fact a series of prediction and control of NBC Universal technical difficulties, can be used to break through the haze prevention and control. This year, the Huang Shunxiang team successfully applied for China’s first batch of national key R & D Program "research" causes and control technology of air pollution in key projects "heavy pollution comprehensive traceability and dynamic optimization control research (Youth Project)", combined with the previous research results, the development of established thinking system. "You are the science and Technology Daily reporter, I will tell you from the technical level. For more readers to understand professionally." Huang Shunxiang said that the core problem of emergency air pollution control, is how to take appropriate control measures in the spread of adverse weather conditions, the control cost in the premise, to reach the control target under the overall effect of environmental effects and social benefits of the best; the nature of the problem is put forward a set of pollution sources control project in the diffusion conditions next, related to the emission sources and weather forecasting, air quality forecasting, pollution source, pollution control, economic cost, social benefits and environmental effect etc.. Among them, the emission sources can be divided into two categories: conventional pollution sources and unconventional sources. Conventional sources of pollution can be through相关的主题文章: