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"Chinese type" relationship between humor aesthetics popular words Chinese relation thermal drive _30 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "China relation" entertainment news "Chinese Tencent relationship" has become the biggest winner of the September TV series, the reputation ratings successes. The play by the hero Ma Guoliang in the changing era of many Chinese style entanglement in the relationship between the "fantasy drift" to show the contemporary society of the cross section, the establishment and dissemination of a positive social value". The writer Zhang Lei plays the very subtlety, coupled with excellent performance of the actors, the many lines and plot in the hearts of the people, by the audience appreciation of humor and the more down to earth, with strong heat led to the birth of many popular words. "Chinese produced classic sentence relation" humor "relation" of the aesthetic Chinese maki said, screenwriter Zhang Lei wrote the script is very successful. At the beginning of the director Shen Yan to see the script, the standard has always been strict Shen Yan also think the script is very good, and is the "mobile phone" (the film version of the TV Version) after he had seen the best screenplay. "Chinese relation" after the broadcast, the audience evaluation of the play lines classic, almost every sentence can become a "welcome to the real world" in the textbook. In particular, the "Chinese style" presents a partial comedy aesthetic style, but also by the audience favorite. This kind of humor is not only reflected in the screenwriter Zhang Lei interesting lines, but also full of dislocation and interest in the design of the plot and plot. "Chinese relation" dramatic conflict, plot driven fast, every episode of Ma Guoliang have suffered the test, see the audience "Xinjingroutiao, drama and comedy wind, make this originally very" cold "theme is very easy to move and infect the audience. At the same time, but also accurately and fit the connotation of "Chinese relation" and "realistic" expression. Let the audience laugh at the life of the dislocation and absurd, but also in a smile to appreciate the warmth and hope, which is the original intention of Zhang Lei had to write the script. Zhang Lei did not change the "Chinese style" to create a popular vocabulary, said the film, the film, the director and the actors have given her full respect, almost no word. There is a drama director to give Chen Jianbin a word, Chen Jianbin specially raised to her "complain", said the director to add, let Zhang Lei dumbfounding, Chen Jianbin surface is amused, heart was moved to tears. These classic lines, rely on fellow actor superb acting, authentic show to the audience heart. In Zhang Lei’s plays, and her own popular words on the lines were carefully designed by the audience hot and appreciation. For example, Ma Guoliang Yuri Huang called "bitch to Huo Green Tea" quickly became popular network. The meaning of the word is that a rogue in a mouth, the heart is timid than anyone else, so that many of the normal mouth on the act boldly, but in fact the heart is very shy, the female hooligans who have shouted in the gun. In addition, some of the lines of a phrase with a double meaning made the audience laugh incessantly. For example, Huo and Lai Ma Guoliang, and Ma Guoliang Taoyuan three sworn brothers: "ancient LGZ, we are Hohoma." Ma Guoliang replied, "you are going to die for me"相关的主题文章: