Chitrak Shah Most Renowned Entrepreneur Of The Business

Business Chitrak Shah is a person of dynamic personality and he is one of renowned businessmen of India. Despite of his good work, he has always been controversies and criticism that have resulted in bad reviews about him. No one thinks about the number of successful projects that he has done and the huge amount of contribution that he has made to the society as well. There are many people who have excellent qualities in them but are not able to channelize in the right direction and on the other hand there are few people who fully utilize their skills in doing wonders. The builder Chitrak Shah is definitely a name that is responsible for transforming Gujarat into what it is today. Chitrak started many new ventures in Gujarat; among them Shivalik Projects were the biggest of all. Under this project, a number of hotels, restaurants, shopping .plexes were constructed so as to make Gujarat a .plete place for the local residents. Apart from constructing .mercial buildings, even residential areas have also been developed for the people. Some of the best works include, Shivalik 8 at Chandan Park Road in Rajkot, Shivalik Florette at Ambli in Ahmedabad, Shivalik Abaise at Prahladnagar in Ahmedabad, Shivalik High Street and many more. This is not the end as there are many mind-blowing projects that have been .pleted by the SN group. Satish Nenchand had always dreamt of establishing their business on a huge scale and his dream was ac.plished by his son. He has managed to successfully handle the business and also enter into deals that are fruitful for business. Chitrak Shah has never paid attention to any kind of criticism about him but he has always done what he wanted to. His confidence was never low as he was supported by his team mates who had full trust in him. He has created valuable assets not only in Gujarat but even for the whole country India. It is really easy to point out the mistakes of another without thinking about their contribution to the society. Though the controversies have never affected him but still it has affected the people who considered him as a great personality. It was the controversy of 2010 wherein he was alleged of having fake documents for pursuing any land in Gujarat. As it was illegal therefore charges were put against him for using wrong sources to capture land and start the construction work. Though such controversies are not true still the news has made a great impact on the minds of the people. The contribution of Chitrak Shah has been immense, especially in Gujarat as he has changed the city to a great extent. With excellent projects, the city has definitely caught the attention of people thus attracting people to settle down here. The credit of Gujarat being a developed city goes with him only as he has really worked hard to convert Gujarat into a very beautiful city. With several new projects, he has tried to meet his aim and also open new doors of opportunity before the people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: