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Christy Chung Zhang Lunshuo of Beijing married the two daughter as flower girl (Wen Fang Fang Tencent entertainment news video Wang Dong) November 8th is really a good day, Christy Chung Zhang Lunshuo and Jane Zhang Feng Ke were married in Beijing and Italy. In particular, the difference between the 12 year old Christy Chung, who has been at the top of the hot search list today, Zhang Lunshuo. Wedding scene, Christy Chung told reporters that he had a dream wedding, sweet to go crazy". Zhang Lunshuo said he was tired of his voice, but he was lucky to marry Christy Chung. Zhang Lunshuo also claimed to be the father, "such as propaganda classic, triplets, four babies all want". Christy Chung, Zhang Lun, big wedding, honeymoon spot to watch the children want to go to where the 46 year old Christy Chung with his 12 year old Zhang Lunshuo, in July 2015, the cooperation of reality show "love" when sparks, then photographed by the media in Hong Kong to wear couples dress honey tour peak. During the latter interview, two people to confirm the relationship between the lovers. 8, two people finally married lovers, entered the wedding hall. Christy Chung is still beautiful, wearing a white diamond wedding sweet face said: "really happy and happy, he gave me a dream wedding and want wedding, really happy like crazy." One side to receive the guests while also taking care of Christy Chung, Zhang Lunshuo, although claiming to be tired of his voice hoarse, but you can marry the beloved Christy Chung, he also said: "happy to die." Asked where to go for the honeymoon, Zhang Lunshuo blurted out, "where the kids want to go, they seem to like egypt." Christy Chung happy side of the road: "husband, you are good, ah, also want to take the child with the honeymoon." The little girl wearing a cute koala princess skirt also participated in the group visit, was asked where mom and dad want to go honeymoon, koala also said: "Egypt", it seems that Zhang Lunshuo really is a qualified father. The financial power to Christy Chung, Zhang Lunshuo heard the wife while Christy Chung and Zhang Lunshuo the younger man developed so smooth, but two people 12 years of age or poor let this feeling under a lot of pressure, Zhang Lunshuo has repeatedly on micro-blog to Christy Chung love, pour love heart. Zhang Lunshuo also said that the day is usually listening to his wife, if you really have their own ideas, will discuss with Christy Chung. As for the fiscal power over to Zhang Lunshuo who, with his eyes looked at Christy Chung, joked: "I’m crazy money recently, all is for the wedding, as well, she should be." The reporter asked if married, whether there will be recycled to the baby, Zhang Lunshuo also said: "the child can’t plan ah, I think it depends on the fate of Providence, as even triplets, four babies, I have to." Asked the little koala they want their brother and sister, Zhang Lunshuo said: "they want."相关的主题文章: