Circus carnival, Zhuhai community circus Carnival tianbi

The circus, the happy Zhuhai circus carnival, the interesting clowns, the wonderful acrobatics, the magic show, the rich interactive games…… Although the Circus Festival is 5 days, but Xiangzhou’s Plaza seems to have become a circus paradise in a riot of colours. The afternoon of November 13th, the office by the third session of China International Circus Festival Executive Committee, bureau of culture and sports tourism in Zhuhai City, organized by the Guangdong Changlong group limited community circus Carnival and Circus Festival countdown to the opening ceremony of the event attracted nearly a thousand people to feel the joy of the circus in advance. At 3 p.m., accompanied by cheerful music, clown three five, except two, pinch all kinds of animal shaped balloon to the children present. The scene set up a large pictorial paste for the public, interactive games, in the circle of the circus like on stilts, bowling, fishing, shooting, turntable, a pearl in the palm, puzzle and so on, let the parents and children playing awfully. Organizers also prepared a dazzling array of prizes and gifts. The most exciting and exciting is the lottery. The head of the Executive Committee of the circus took out the prize and sent tickets to the circus people who attended the circus. The equally exciting series of circus festivals are still on the island and at the seaside park. Wearing clown clothing staff to lead parents and children flying colorful circus kite. Throughout the circus, the majority of photographers also have the opportunity to participate in the "I see circus" photography collection activities. The exhibition will be held in Zhuhai library and other places. In order to allow more people to participate in the activities of the organizers, the use of community service organizations in Zhuhai launched the Zhuhai local community treasure, nearly 50 quarters, covering nearly 300 thousand of residents participate online, with rich circus style mobile phone interactive games "clown" run, play games, choudaijiang. (editor in chief: Chen Shuhui, Guangdong) editor in chief: GDN023

马戏盛会欢乐珠海 社区马戏嘉年华活动举行   趣味十足的小丑,精彩的杂技、魔术展演,丰富的互动游戏……虽然离马戏节开幕还有5天,但香洲区府广场俨然已经成为一个五彩缤纷的马戏乐园。11月13日下午,由第三届中国国际马戏节执委会办公室,珠海市文化体育旅游局,广东长隆集团有限公司主办的社区马戏嘉年华暨马戏节开幕倒计时活动吸引了近千名市民前往提前感受马戏带来的欢乐。   下午3时许,伴随着欢快的音乐,小丑三下五除二就捏出各种动物形状的气球送给在场的孩子们。现场设置了大型画报地贴,让市民在类似马戏场的圆形地贴上进行游戏互动,踩高跷,保龄球,钓鱼,投篮,转盘,掌上明珠,拼图等等,让家长和孩子们玩得不亦乐乎。主办方还准备了琳琅满目的奖品和礼品。最让人期待和兴奋的莫过于抽奖环节,马戏节执委会办公室负责人抽出了大奖,给参加活动的热心市民送上了马戏节的门票。   同样欢快的马戏节系列活动还在野狸岛和海滨公园展开。身穿小丑服装的工作人员带领家长和小孩放飞五颜六色的马戏风筝。   整个马戏节期间,广大摄影爱好者还有机会参加《我看马戏节》摄影作品征集活动。主办方会在珠海市图书馆等地方进行摄影作品巡回展。   为了让更多人参与,活动主办方利用社区服务机构珠海社区宝,发动珠海本地近50个小区,覆盖近30万居民的线上参与,带有浓郁马戏风格的手机互动小游戏《小丑快跑》,玩游戏,抽大奖。   (责任编辑:广东省陈淑慧) 责任编辑: GDN023相关的主题文章: