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City administration can be "chased mother-in-law" according to the report, the Ministry of housing has recently issued the "Ministry of housing and urban construction on the establishment of City Management Supervision Bureau of the notice", decided to set up the city administration, establish and improve the city management coordination mechanism and evaluation mechanism. Allegedly, the Ministry of housing and urban construction inspection office will be adapted for the whole "city management and Supervision Bureau, responsible for law enforcement policies and regulations, and guide the national law enforcement work, carry out law enforcement supervision, organize the investigation of major cases of urban and rural housing construction area of responsibility. The complexity and diversity of modern city governance and intertwined, making the original compartmentalization of the law enforcement system of urban management and law enforcement departments stretched, in order to achieve more comprehensive law enforcement department functions came into being. However, since the beginning of the establishment, urban management law enforcement will face no mother system embarrassment. Due to the lack of top-down organizational structure and clear legislative guidelines, all in the urban management and law enforcement system set up all kinds of, organization, authority, law enforcement and supervision are not consistent, which caused the practice of law enforcement anomie. To change the "Kowloon flood" law enforcement departments disadvantage, improve city management modernization level, we must first start from the organizational system, a combination of urban management and law enforcement system of scientific and efficient in the administrative structure of the existing. Previously, in some places on the basis of the division of the functions of the Department to set up a special urban management department. For example, on the basis of the original Beijing Municipal Committee, the establishment of a wider range of urban management committee. But from the national level, the central government has always been the lack of urban management and specialized institutions, although the relevant authority under the Ministry of housing, but in the Ministry of housing is also a lack of specialized agencies, to a more professional, more focused work. The Ministry of housing and urban management and Supervision Bureau set up, in the strict sense is not the national urban management law enforcement". From the functional analysis, the urban management and supervision bureau is only the Ministry of housing, the internal organs, not directly to the outside world to exercise law enforcement functions, responsible for the guidance rather than the leadership of the national urban management law enforcement. However, the positioning of the more prominent rules of supply and supervision and investigation of the function, to respond to some of the problems occurred in the current law enforcement practice, is conducive to promoting the standardization of urban management law enforcement, rule of law. At the same time, we must see that the establishment of new institutions, is still facing the determination of the relationship between power structure. The essence of institutional reform is the distribution and integration of power, and finally the realization of the legalization of power. On the national urban management law enforcement, whether it is top-down geographical CIS system, or relatively uniform norms of law enforcement powers, are not set up an agency can solve the problem. Objectively speaking, the law enforcement exercise is part of the law enforcement departments, which bring bigger impact to the original system of law enforcement departments, so the key lies in the way of the rule of law enforcement: how to cut the inspectors and other departments. In a word, the birth of city administration, to a certain extent echoes the inspectors find "mother-in-law" demands, while strengthening the regulation and supervision of the law enforcement, the enforcement of the rule of law to control the inward significance should not be underestimated; but we should also see, promote law enforcement law, eventually also need to get rid of law enforcement authority the "Curse", to promote law enforcement power legalization.相关的主题文章: