Clippers announced penalty Griffin decision suspended 4 games, fined 5

The Clippers announced the punishment decision: Griffin suspended for 4 games and fined 5 field Griffin salary being fined sina sports news Beijing time on February 10th, according to the official website NBA reports, according to Blake Griffin of the incident, the Clippers announced the decision: Griffin will be suspended for four games (without pay). Because Griffin was injured in the incident, he will also be deducted a match salary. According to the Clippers said, this decision is for Griffin to make them with NBA. It is worth mentioning that the Clippers will put the public welfare organization of the five games salary donated to working on the Losangeles disabled children. In addition Griffin according to his request, he will personally participate in support of the event at the time of the case. "We have made clear that this behavior (Griffin incident) in the Clippers are not permitted. Blake was very sorry, but he apologized for his behavior." The Clippers said in a statement. "He is a member of our family, the Clippers are very valuable, until he returned to the side, we will continue to support him." In January 24th this year, the conflict of a staff member Griffin during the visit to Toronto following the Clippers played an away game with the team, Griffin was beaten each other, and lead to his right hand fracture. According to initial reports, Griffin is expected to 4-6 weeks of injury. (Rosen)

快船公布处罚格里芬决定:禁赛4场 罚5场薪水 格里芬遭到重罚   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月10日,据NBA官网报道,针对布雷克-格里芬的打人事件,快船队公布了处罚决定:格里芬将被禁赛四场比赛(没有薪水)。另外由于格里芬在打人事件中所受的伤,他还将被扣除一场比赛的薪水。   据快船队表示,这次针对格里芬的处罚决定是他们与NBA共同做出的。   值得一提的是,快船队将会把这五场比赛的薪水全部捐赠给致力于洛杉矶残障儿童的公益组织。另外根据格里芬自己提出的要求,他在有时间的情况下会亲自参与支持这项活动。   “我们已经明确表示这种行为(格里芬打人事件)在快船队中是不允许的。布雷克感到很后悔,而且他为自己的行为进行了道歉。”快船队在声明中说道,“他是我们快船队大家庭里非常有价值的一位成员,等到他重新归队以后,我们将会继续支持他。”   今年1月24日,格里芬在跟随快船出征多伦多打客场比赛期间与本队的一位工作人员发生冲突,当时格里芬殴打了对方,并导致自己的右手骨折。根据最初的报道,格里芬预计将伤停4-6周。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: