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The high praise team placing enough training time short effect of tactical system and build a national football tactical system is not mature in 2018 World Cup 12 strong Asian Cup second round ended last night, China men’s national team in Shenyang Olympic Sports Center 0 home court 0 draw with the enemies of Iran, the harvest of the first integral. After the game, the officers and men are satisfied with the performance of the field. Wu Lei tripped up by the referee didn’t give in this field to follow the 532 penalty system, but starting three adjustments, Zhang Yuning, Hao Junmin and Zhao Mingjian entered the list of 11 people. Goalkeeper Zeng Cheng fifth minutes attack and Amiri collided, the latter in the get the ball is still the case without feet, fell on the ground was sincere expression of pain, and move down the floor, unable to continue the game of. After the departure, his left knee was immediately spread on the ice, then he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Substitute goalkeeper Gu Chao ushered in the first round of the 12 game show. The Iran team also lost a general in twenty-second minutes, defender Montazeri landed with suspected dislocated shoulder, but also sit on the ambulance. In the first half, both teams failed to break. The second half of the opening 6 minutes, the national defense mistakes, the Iran team played after blocking the match, but the final shot hit high, the Chinese team escaped. 4 minutes later, Zhang changed Huang Bowen, the country gradually regain control of midfield, attack opportunities began to increase. Seventeenth minutes after Zhang Linpeng breakthrough, the ball Zhang Xizhe zhisai, Wu Lei in the restricted area almost directly face the goalkeeper, but in personal guard interference, has not obtained the opportunity to hit the door. Eighty-fifth minutes, Iran miskick, Wu Lei alert after stealing the ball was a defender tripped in the penalty area, but the referee did not penalty. The last time Iran stormed back, fortunately the Orangemen concentrate, Gu Chao also play a stable, 0 to 0 score to the whistle. Zeng Jing injury back goalkeeper was praised for this result, the players have said they can accept. Captain Feng Xiaoting said: "after the first game, we (12 match) have some knowledge and understanding the level of competition, the second game we played better than the first game for good, impact each other, we have to (for)." He believes that the team in the goalkeeper Zeng Cheng back injury not panic, to fight opponents with a low profile, "they (should) feel lucky, we were in a. After all, Iran ranked first in Asia, there is still a certain strength." Gu Chao although slightly regret for the draw, but satisfied with the overall play of the game. "We set goals before the game, the home must make their own momentum, we play the technical and tactical style." He disclosed that the state of the foot is quite adequate for the preparation of the coach Gao Hongbo midfielder in the dressing room on the players were told, the second half of the team as a whole has played a good. For their own this time stepped in, he used the "contrary to expectation is expected to describe yourself:" in peacetime training has also been told myself to be ready, because this is a high level stage. I want to adjust the mentality, the usual practice to play out." A high satisfaction refers to the spirit of Gao Hongbo in the postgame news conference also praised the team’s performance: "in the first half"相关的主题文章: