Cloud and county, Zhejiang province fog township man-made water to the ground Tian for water seaway

Zhejiang province Yunhe County township: the artificial water to make   Tian for water environmental protection — the transformation of into the Zhejiang province Yunhe County Xi Daping settlements processing service center, only in order to protect the water moved into the town of more than 40 people, while new homes are busy living hand, while busy laughing and talking. Living in the city, I did not expect such a big age can earn so much money." The 83 year old Yan Xiujuan is an old party core area Wu Xi Cun in Yunhe County water conservation, she had worried that the old city, in life will encounter difficulties, but in order to protect the water, she and her husband was the first to sign the relocation of the city. Let them did not expect is that the township government in the village of private placement point of processing points, she and 84 year old wife can earn $two thousand or three thousand a month. Daping settlements bustling, Wu Xi a quiet reservoir clear green, near the Wu Xi Yu Zu Xiang extraordinarily quiet. The 1800 will be moved to the county people all moved away." Yunhe County Xi Yu township party secretary Chen Jingyi said, "in order to protect the cloud and county of 90 thousand large water tanks, Fog Creek will be the whole village relocation dilemma to completely break the water protection and development." According to the plan, the resident population of about 1800 people in the township, will be three relocated to the county before the end of next year; the township, 14 thousand acres of Mao Zhulin and more than 2000 acres of farmland, the transformation to the original production. "The former eliminates the pollution of life, which is the root cause of pollution." Cloud county, a total of five water treatment office responsible person said, Fog Creek Reservoir Pollution Treatment to cure from the symptoms. For insurance for water way masses not lose, Yunhe County launched a special corresponding resettlement policy. Among them, a protected area of farmers if the relocation of the village, every family can "take" a new house. The new deal to promote, as of the end of 2015, the township 109 households 355 people have a new home in the county Daping resettlement area. 2016 there are 244 people actively apply for the purchase of 845 people, of which 189 were initially approved by the 644, the next step will be admitted to the county seat. "Before the farm home, now to migrant workers. We live in different places and ways." The first batch of villagers moved into the new home, said Song Shaozong, with the migration of the population, the township is gradually implementing the project transfer and industrial transfer. 2012 in July, Fog Creek Primary School into the city. In October this year, a new employment service center, will be built in the fog of the new home. "Now, we are guided by the village to the county to purchase the property, strengthen the collective economy." Fog Creek Township deputy mayor Wang Jidong said, "Wu Xi will continue to develop, but not in the land of the fog creek." The edge of the reservoir on the Canna in the outward move slowly in the field. Now, into the Fog Creek Reservoir, you can see a green circle of barbed wire net, close to the reservoir of farmland, into a piece of Canna wind turned ariel. The farmland is the township government to the year 250 kg per mu dry valley price to farmers rented. After "Stocking" Canna, farmland).相关的主题文章: