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Cold hands and feet more cold? How to eat both the coldest days in cold – Shandong Channel – dispelled, or hot summer, always feel cold; cold wear more than others, are of no avail…… In life, many people especially women are disturbed by the body cold. ". In addition to the cause of the disease, the diet appeared in the "short board" may also be caused by "cold body". "Life times" special nutrition experts, teach you to dispel the body cold, turned a small stove". Chinese medicine believes that the cold physique is due to the inside of the body have too much yin, on nutrient digestion and absorption function, and reduce the absorption of heat and cold in the body. So, we can see from the diet of our diet is missing? First, the protein is sufficient. Director of the people’s Liberation Army 309th hospital nutrition department Zuo Xiaoxia said, clinical findings of many women, especially during weight loss, a serious shortage of protein and protein intake, and the amount of muscle, hemoglobin synthesis, oxygen transport has a direct relationship, eat not easily lead to physical weakness, poor resistance, cold. Moreover, in the three "heat nutrients in food protein (thermal effect due to eating caused additional energy consumption phenomenon, in the form of the highest temperature): 20%~30%, for increased body temperature most helpful. Adult female daily recommended intake of protein is 55 grams, 65 grams of men. Among them, the best quality protein to total protein 30%~50% and above. High quality protein is the best source of fish, poultry, eggs, meat, soy milk, etc.. In contrast to their diet, this kind of food is to eat every day, and eat enough? For example, the average daily 40~75 grams 40~75 grams of fish, livestock and poultry, an egg, a bag of milk, a bean, can high quality protein intake of 40 grams. Therefore, suggestions must be reasonable arrangements for meals, cattle and sheep meat, fish, bean products, milk, eggs and other protein rich foods are best to eat. Second, is iron deficiency?. Anemia, often leads to poor iron heme synthesis affected, decreased ability to transport oxygen, reduce body heat production. Red meat, blood tofu, animal liver iron especially rich. Lean beef, lean pork, mutton lean red meat can eat every day about one or two, blood tofu can be eaten in moderation, fresh animal liver can eat 2~3 times a month, each half or so, these methods can effectively supplement iron. Third, enough vitamin B. Vitamin B is an important component of the necessary coenzyme involved in energy metabolism, natural and ultimately heat production. The B family of meat, whole grains, especially rich in vitamin content in fermented food. Recommended daily average enough to eat 50~150 grams of whole grains, porridge, eat rice grains are a good choice; eat a small amount of fermented foods, such as tofu milk, but because it belongs to a high salt diet, so we must control the amount of bean curd into the dishes have a distinctive taste, pickled tofu fried pork, pickled tofu, pickled tofu dish hollow ribs is the classical approach. Fourth, drink enough water. Drink plenty of water not only can promote blood circulation, promote urination and sweat, but also conducive to the regulation of body temperature, enhance the body resistance. Recommended a few times)

手脚冰凉更怕冷?怎么吃能驱散体内寒气–山东频道–人民网 无论是数九寒天,还是炎热的夏季,总感觉手脚冰凉;比别人怕冷,穿再多也无济于事……生活中,很多人尤其是女性都被“体寒”所困扰。除了疾病原因,饮食中出现“短板”可能也会引起“体寒”。《生命时报》特邀营养专家,教你驱散体内寒气,变身“小火炉”。 中医认为,寒性体质是由于身体内部阴气过盛,对营养物质消化和吸收功能减弱,以至身体对热量吸收减少而呈寒性。所以,我们首先可以从饮食入手,看看我们的饮食中缺了啥? 第一,蛋白质是否充足。解放军第309医院营养科主任左小霞表示,临床发现很多女性,特别是减肥期间,蛋白质摄入严重不足,而蛋白质与肌肉量多少、血红蛋白的合成、氧气的运输都有直接关系,吃的不够就容易导致体质虚弱、抵抗力差、怕冷。而且,在三大“产热营养素”中,蛋白质的食物热效应(指由于进食本身而引起能量消耗额外增加的现象,以体温的形式表现出来)最高:为20%~30%,对于升高体温最有帮助。 成年女性每天蛋白质推荐摄入量是55克,男性是65克。其中,优质蛋白最好能占总蛋白的30%~50%及以上。优质蛋白质的最好来源就是鱼、禽、蛋、肉、大豆、奶等。反观自己的饮食,这几类食物是否每天都吃,而且吃够量了?例如,平均每天40~75克鱼虾、40~75克畜禽肉、一个蛋、一袋奶、一把豆,便可以摄入40克左右的优质蛋白质。所以,建议一日三餐一定要合理安排,牛羊瘦肉、鱼虾、豆制品、牛奶、蛋类等富含蛋白质的食物最好都能吃点。 第二,是否缺铁。贫血、贫铁往往会导致血红素合成受到影响,从而运输氧气的能力下降,身体产热减少。红肉、血豆腐、动物肝脏含铁尤其丰富。瘦牛肉、瘦羊肉、瘦猪肉等红肉可以天天吃一两左右,血豆腐可以适量吃,新鲜动物肝脏可以每个月吃2~3次,每次半两左右即可,这些方式可有效补铁。 第三,B族维生素足不足。B族维生素是参与能量代谢的必要辅酶的重要构成成分,产热自然少不了。肉类、全谷类、发酵食物中B族维生素含量尤其丰富。建议平均每天吃够50~150克全谷类食物,煮粥、吃点杂粮饭都是不错的选择;少量吃些发酵食物,如豆腐乳,但由于它属于高盐食物,所以必须控制量,豆腐乳入菜别有滋味,腐乳爆肉、腐乳空心菜、腐乳排骨等都是经典做法。 第四,水喝得够不够。多喝水不仅能促进血液循环,促使汗液排出和排尿,还有利于体温的调节,增强机体抵抗力。建议少量多次饮水,《中国居民膳食指南(2016)》推荐每天饮水量应达1500~1700毫升。其中一部分水可以选择咖啡,咖啡中的咖啡因能刺激血液循环,从而达到提高基础代谢,加速产热的效果,但是国内不少专家建议,一天最好不要超过3杯(每杯约200毫升)。 最后需要提醒大家,烹调方式也很重要。食物最好做熟、温热之后再吃。例如,酸奶可以用温水中和一下温度再喝;蔬菜最好做熟之后再吃;螃蟹等中医上所说的“寒凉属性”食物与个人的体质有一定关系,如果食用后确实胃肠不适,就要少吃或不吃,或搭配姜醋汁中和螃蟹的寒性;而本身就寒凉刺激的食物,如雪糕、冰镇汽水、冰镇西瓜等最好就别吃了。 此外,营养是基础,运动是提升。运动对促进血液循环、增强心肺功能、改善手脚冰凉等情况很有效。选择一个自己能坚持下来的运动作为开始,选择一个自己能坚持的时间去运动特别重要。 (责编:郑浦丽、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: