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Careers-Employment Colors playvital roles in peoples minds. The varying shades of pieces and objects help the public appreciate, recognize, and understand the world that they see before them. Hues convey expressive power and perception that enable people to see the different dimensions of an entity. Aside from bringing life to an object, colors also create significant feelings and emotions. It can attract and change moods. They can affect the psychological and physiological capacities of a person. In creatingthe best logo designs, choosing the right colors must be greatly considered. They willnot only play an important role in signifying a design, but will also give identity and character to a symbolthat no drawing, form, or shape can match. What Color Represents You? Red.When you think of this color, you will be initially reminded of some of the best logo designs from Coca-Cola, KFC, You Tube, Target,or Vodafone. Red usually represents love, passion, sex, and choler or war. This tint is also used by fast food chains and restaurants, because it makes the food more appealing and engaging. Blue. Blue can represent calmness, peacefulness, and loyalty. The tranquility of blue is also often used in wall paints of many bedrooms. Sometimes, blue can be depressing to other people, but to some, itelicits productivity and energy. Among the well-known brands that utilize this hue are Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Ford, Pfizer, and Oral-B. Yellow.Due to its extraordinary glow and vividness, yellow has always been associated with happiness and gladness. It also epitomizes the sun, thus representing the summer season. McDonalds, Shell, Best Buy, andThe Yellow Pages are some of the yellow brands generally seen today. Green.When you hear the phrase going green it clearly represents nature or environment. But besides representing nature and environment, the green may also make you think of something fresh, or maybe money and jealousy. Starbucks is one of the most popular green logo today. You may even think of the cute robot Android, as it is also associated with this color. Purple.Yahoo! is one great example of how purple builds fame. Purple is usually represented by feminists. It also presents an image of royalty and sophistication. Black.Imagesshaded with black are usually accompanied by a different hue. Though black is not usually used by many companies because ofits plain and dull effect, for some, it represents class and elegance. Crocs, Chanel, and Volcom are three of the most popular brands that were able to make the most out of this color. White.Same as black, white signifies bareness and simplicity. It also represents an objects innocence, purity, and cleanliness. Mixed Colors.The mixed combination of tints used in the Google logo is what makes the emblemvery playful to the eyes. As the color wheel is attractive and teasing, mixed hues are often used by companies that target kids. This combination is also proven to be used effectively in marketing and selling candy products. Understanding color representations and learning about the most effectualcombinations of hues and paints can bring out the best logo designs and layouts. Be sure to pick the most suitable tint that would best represent and symbolize your product so as to maximize the benefits that these shades can bring you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: