Commemorative stamps of Chinese workers and Peasants Red Army Long March victory 80th anniversary

"China Red Army victory 80th anniversary" commemorative stamps in Hubei – Hubei – Macheng first channel Macheng 23 October, October 22nd, "carry forward the long march spirit, the same building China dream" memorial Chinese Red Army victory 80th anniversary stamps premiere was held in Macheng City in Hubei Province, the exhibition center plaza. The event by the Huanggang Municipal People’s government, China postal Group Corporation Huanggang branch hosted, Macheng City People’s government, China postal group Macheng City Branch contractor, has attracted the majority of collectors, Philatelic Association and representatives of nearly 1000 people, attended the ceremony, the memory of the martyrs, don’t forget the heart, in their determination take the post new long road. The 1 set of 6 stamps, the contents of the pattern were: the start of the Long March, the Zunyi conference, four Chishui, a mountain grassland, victory in the realignment, the memory of the martyrs, not forget the early heart, take a new road. A set of stamps with a face value of 7.80 yuan. What is worth mentioning is that China Post has the special meaning of holding the first stamp of the stamps in Hubei, Macheng. Macheng is one of the birthplace of jute uprising ", is the birthplace of the Red Army, twenty-five Red Army and red twenty-eight army main force. In May 1935, the Red Army long march northward, which lasted 18 months, 11 province, climb 18 mountains, across 24 rivers across the grass, no human habitation, rolling over the snow capped mountains, after thousands of times the size of the fight, smashed hundreds of thousands of enemy besieged the successful completion of the important task of northward strategic shift, for the revolution save a large number of effective strength and exercise. In the Long March, made a significant contribution and sacrifices for Macheng heroes Long March victory, Macheng is an important birthplace of the great spirit of the long march and gave birth, out of Wang Shusheng, Chen Zaidao and Xu Shiyou, 41 generals and 126 senior generals of the Republic, Chengmagang town known as "the first general Xiang, Chinese Macheng is known as the" general county China". In addition, Jingzhou, Xiaogan, Enshi, Hefeng and Wuhan are also the first places for Hubei to commemorate the 80th anniversary stamps of the long march victory of the Chinese workers and Peasants Red army. The former Red Star bright; now the holy land, the Dabie Linghai, flowers are blooming. In the great spirit of the long march to Macheng, the previous municipal government to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the old liberated areas, focus on economic construction as the center, always adhere to the two civilizations, the reform of city construction, bright scene, all-round social progress, the people live and work in peace. The issue of this stamp encourages the people of the city to carry forward and carry forward the spirit of the Long March, with the same spirit and pioneering spirit, to speed up the construction process of promoting green Macheng, strength Macheng, cultural Macheng, efficiency Macheng and happy Macheng. Wuhan came from collectors Mr. Zhang Xinguo said "to commemorate the victory of the long march 80th anniversary China Red Army stamps elaborate, majestic atmosphere, performance in the market should be good, very worthy of our Philatelic collection." (WAN Yong Zhuang share: (Gao Jie): Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)

《中国工农红军长征胜利八十周年》纪念邮票在湖北麻城首发–湖北频道–人民网 人民网麻城10月23日电 10月22日,“弘扬长征魂,同筑中国梦”纪念中国工农红军长征胜利八十周年邮票首发式活动在湖北省麻城市会展中心广场成功举行。本次活动由黄冈市人民政府、中国邮政集团公司黄冈市分公司主办,麻城市人民政府、中国邮政集团公司麻城市分公司承办,吸引了广大的集邮爱好者、集邮协会代表等近千人,共同出席仪式,缅怀先烈,不忘初心,决心在本职岗位上走好新的长征路。 该邮票1套6枚,图案内容分别为:长征出发,遵义会议,四渡赤水,过雪山草地,胜利会师,缅怀先烈、不忘初心、走好新的长征路。全套邮票面值7.80元。 值得一提的是,中国邮政选择在湖北麻城举办该套邮票首发式有着特别的寓意。麻城是“黄麻起义”的策源地之一,是红四方面军、红二十五军和红二十八军主力部队的发源地。1935年5月,红色方面军北上长征,历时18个月,途径11个省,翻越18座大山,跨越24条大河,走过荒无人烟的草地,翻过连绵起伏的雪山,历经大小战斗千余次,粉碎了数十万敌人的围追堵截,胜利完成了北上战略转移的重要任务,为革命保存和锻炼了一大批有生力量。长征中,麻城英雄儿女为长征伟大胜利做出了重大贡献和巨大牺牲,麻城是伟大长征精神的重要发源地和孕育地,走出了王树声、陈再道、许世友等41名将军和126位共和国高级将领,乘马岗镇被誉为中国“第一将军乡”,麻城被誉为中国“将军县”。此外,荆州市、孝感市、恩施州鹤峰县、武汉市也作为湖北省纪念中国工农红军长征胜利八十周年邮票首发式活动地。 昔日的红色圣地,将星璀璨;今朝的大别花乡,山花烂漫。在伟大的长征精神的鼓励下,麻城历届市委、市政府传承和发扬老区光荣传统,紧紧围绕经济建设为中心,始终坚持两个文明一起抓,各项改革纵深推进,城市建设亮点纷呈,社会事业全面进步,人民群众安居乐业。本次邮票的发行,鼓舞着该市人民继承和发扬长征精神,?力同心,开拓进取,加快了推进绿色麻城、实力麻城、文化麻城、效能麻城、幸福麻城的建设进程。 从武汉赶来的集邮爱好者张新国先生说“纪念中国工农红军长征胜利八十周年邮票制作精心,磅礴大气,在市场上的表现应该不错,非常值得我们集邮爱好者收藏。” (万永庄 高杰) 分享到: (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章: